How did I Remove Copyright Strike on Youtube 2021 – Submit Youtube Counter Notification

How did I Remove Copyright Strike on Youtube 2021 – Friends, If the fake copyright strike has come on your YouTube channel, then you have read this article completely, I have explained how you can remove fake copyright strike from your YouTube channel. First of all, I want to tell you one thing what is a copyright strike when you upload any video on your YouTube channel, then if you have posted someone else’s content in it, then it is illegal and the person who has their content Used can send you a copyright strike. Whichever content you have used can send a legal notice to YouTube and after reviewing it, YouTube will take your video down and a strike will come on your channel if that person gives 3 strikes on your youtube channel then your YouTube channel is terminated within 7 days. Whenever you post a video on your YouTube channel, you always use your original content so that no one can give you a strike.

But many times it happens that even if you have not copied the content of anyone, YouTube gives you a copyright strike and take down your video. What should you do in this case, then you have read this article, I have told you that if you get a free copyright strike on your YouTube channel, then how can you remove it?

Whenever you get a copyright strike on your YouTube channel, you see some such notification on your dashboard. You can see that I have got a copyright strike on my YouTube channel. Now I will tell you which steps I have followed and how I have removed this copy strike.

I want to tell you one thing that some people delete their videos when they get a copyright strike on the youtube channel. but You never delete your youtube video. Because deleting YouTube videos does not remove the copyright strike on your channel.

There are 2 ways to submit a YouTube counter notification. The first way is that you can submit a counter file from your dashboard itself and the second way is that you can send an Email to YouTube. A lot of people also think that if we write an email to youtube then the copyright strike will be removed from our video very quickly but it is absolutely wrong. I want to tell you that when your first Counter Notification is rejected, then you can Email it to YouTube.

When you will see the youtube copyright notification in your dashboard, then you have to click on it and after that, you will see some such interface and you have to click on the submit Counter-notification button.

After clicking here, you have to enter your complete details like your name, address, mobile number, and address. Later you will have a page open in front of you, where you will have to write to YouTube why it should return your video.

Now the main trick starts
Now let me tell you what you have to write here, what many people do is that they write here that my video should be returned, this is my original content, anything they write. They are making a big mistake by writing. Because here YouTube is asking you something else and you are telling something else. You have to type here that the video YouTube has removed from you because of a YouTube mistake. Whether you are a software developer, whether you are a writer, or whatever work you do. You have to explain the whole thing to YouTube very well.
I want to tell you one thing which is very important for you, whenever you submit a counter file to YouTube, you must keep this in your mind, YouTube does not know anything about your channel or your video. We make a big mistake that we write only in two or three lines, but we don’t have to do that, we have to explain to youtube the whole matter, who you are, what you work, what your YouTube channel is, the video was about which YouTube copyright strike has come on and what was the reason for the video being removed. Let me show you what I wrote to YouTube, which caused my first counter file to be accepted and my video returned.
Hello YouTube 
I would like to submit a counter-notification for my video that was removed as a result of a misidentification. actually, I am a Python developer and make videos about social media marketing software on my YouTube channel with my original content. Recently I made a video and showing my Telegram marketing software. The software shown in this video has been developed by me and I also own the exclusive copyrights. But recently I got a copyright strike on that video which is a completely false copyright strike Because a lot of Telegram marketing software is made of Python programming And this is why many software looks similar But I have not used anyone else’s copyrighted content in this video. I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled. this is my request to the Youtube team to kindly investigate this matter and look forward
What I wrote to YouTube, you have to read it carefully, when you are reading it, then you will know that I am fully explained. Whenever you file a counter to YouTube, file such a counter that the person reading it does not know anything about your YouTube channel and you are telling him everything from the start. You have to tell YouTube that your video has been removed by mistake.
You have never apologized to YouTube because apologizing will not remove your strike and will not return your video.
When I submit a counter-notification to YouTube, then my counter file was accepted and I got a mail from youtube which I am showing you.

In this email, you can see that Youtube has accepted my counter-notification, so you have to do the same thing by explaining the entire thing to YouTube. You have to write youtube in your own way, you do not have to copy this counter-notification because I showed a software in my video, because of that software, my video was removed and your video may be of some other region. The reason has been removed but I want to tell you that you have to screen YouTube and tell. After sending to YouTube, it will forward the above notification to that person who sent me the copyright. Now YouTube will ask him why you have removed the video of Arsh Maan, give us evidence. That person will not be able to give any evidence because he has given me fake copyright. After this my video will be made public again. Now let me show you what’s coming on my YouTube channel

Here you can see that it is showing that your counter notification has been forwarded. You never have to panic and you have to explain YouTube well, then your video will come back.

Enjoy 🙂

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