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What is Signal App and why it’s better than WhatsApp and Telegram

In the last few days, after WhatsApp’s policy update comes, there are many questions in our mind that what is this policy update, will our data be leaked, or will our data go to our government. And recently an app has been launched called Signal app which is becoming very popular, so in this article, I will tell you what is this signal app and why it is better than WhatsApp and Telegram. See, first of all, I want to tell you one thing that WhatsApp works end to end encryption means if you share any message with your friend then you can either read that message or your Friend can read that message.

Now after the update of the privacy policy of WhatsApp, the question is coming to our mind that whether WhatsApp can read our messages or not, see till now all the messages of WhatsApp were encrypted and Whatsapp keep some of your things. WhatsApp shared them with other companies such as your location, your contact info, and a lot of things that were shared with Facebook Instagram. WhatsApp used to share all these things with companies even before and still it is sharing but it is telling you now. What I mean to say is that WhatsApp used to share your data with some companies earlier and still it is sharing, but earlier we used to think that WhatsApp is completely secure.

I would like to tell you why WhatsApp shares your data with Facebook or other companies, WhatsApp shares your data so that WhatsApp can know your interest and show you the advertisement of your interest on Facebook or other platforms. For example, if you go to any part of the world, WhatsApp will track your location and send it to Facebook and Facebook will show you the advertisement regarding your location. And similar telegram also shares many things with Facebook and other companies, such as your contact information and your location and there are many things that Telegram takes from you and shares it with other companies.

Brian Acton has been a co-founder of WhatsApp and he sold WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014 and you might not know that Brian Acton quit working with Mark Zuckerberg in 2017 and left much of his money there. He later formed the Signal Foundation with Moxie Marlinspike and developed an app called Signal Private Messenger. This is the same Moxie Marlinspike who developed end to end encryption for applications.

Brian Acton left the WhatsApp and Facebook company because the mark was going to use WhatsApp to display advertisements. Brian Acton wanted WhatsApp not to be used for advertising in any way. So now let’s talk about why the Signal app is the best so I want to tell you that the Signal app is also end-to-end encrypted and it does not store any kind of data when you create your account on it, only you have to give your mobile number here and according to Brian Acton your mobile number is not stored in their data in any way and your mobile number is not linked with any profile in their data. The signal app does not save any type of your location, contact info, etc, and do not share any kind of data with any company.

This is the first application that does not take any kind of data from you. In the coming days, the option to create an account without your mobile number in the Signal app can also be available. I want to explain one more thing in a very simple language, why do these applications share your data, there is only one reason behind these applications storing your data, that they want to show you relevant advertising, according to your interest. so I want to tell you that WhatsApp and Telegram store your data with them and they can view your data as per their wish and can also share it with companies as per their wish, but currently, the signal app is such Applications that do not store any of your data

Signal app currently has limited features but in the coming days you can get to see a lot of features in it, in Signal app, if you do anything like send a message or photo to anyone, don’t even see Brian Acton himself. Neither can that message be sent to any government or no person can see it, instead of whom you are sending the message to. WhatsApp’s chat may be end to end encrypted but there is a lot of your data which is being thought of sharing with other companies. You must tell us what you have to say about this application by commenting below.


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