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What is a CEO – How to Become a CEO after 12th

Today we are going to discuss what is CEO and can you also become CEO? Friend, first of all, let me tell you that CEO means Chief Executive Officer. The CEO of the highest authority of any company is called the CEO, that is, he owns the company, every department is in his hands such as HR department, Transport department, Finance department or any other department in any company. The company can be any small company or it can be a big company, the CEO of that company has the most powers. The CEO can hire any employee in his company.

Now let’s talk about how you can become the CEO of any company, first of all, you have to join any job in that company, you have to work so hard in that company, I would like to tell you that you have to work so hard in that company that the person who makes that company will be happy and make you the CEO of that company. For example, I want to tell you that Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google, he did not make Google, but he used to work for Google earlier, he worked very hard in the Google company and seeing his hard work, He was given the designation of CEO in Google company. Like you work on any designation in any company, then CEO is the designation.

So we talk about how you can become the CEO of your company, so I want to tell you that you have to work so hard that you can build your company. In your company, you can become a CEO yourself because it is a designation, you can keep this designation yourself or you can give it to anyone else. If you want to become CEO in your own company, then you do not need any degree because your hard work is your degree, you can do any work with your skill and your hard work if it makes your business successful, then you will own it, you will become its CEO. But if you want to become the CEO of someone else’s company, then you have to work hard, along with you should have a degree, then I want to tell you that what degree you should have, you can think yourself If you join any company, then you must have a degree, such as graduation or post-graduation, to take whatever designation you want while joining that company. But no degree is needed for the CEO, because if you work in any company, then by looking at your work and seeing your hard work, you will be made CEO of that company.


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