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How to Track Mobile Location using Gmail Account

With the help of just one email ID, you can easily track anyone’s Android mobile location and find out in which city or in which area that person is traveling.

In this article, you guys are going to learn that if you have an email ID of anyone, then you can easily trace your mobile phone location with the help of your computer or your mobile and find out where he is now. This is a method that is very simple and nobody knows about it.

Step 1. Go to android.com/find and And login here to your email id through which email id you want to trace someone’s mobile

Step 2. On this page you can see that the email account I had opened, the mobile phone has been traced and the live location is also coming in front of you.track mobile location


One thing you people have to keep in mind is that the email you are going to log in should be logged in the mobile which you want to trace. If you want to trace the mobile of any of your family, then first you have to log in to the email on their mobile.

To login email in mobile, go to your mobile settings and login into your email in accounts.





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