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Things You Can do in Mobile Phone

Nowadays mobile phone is a new device which came into existence after a lot of research and it is a miniature form of your PC and laptop which allows you to do most of the things do on your PC or laptop.

Today in our blog we are going to share some of the valuable things that you can do with your mobile.

1. Mobile allows you to contact your loved ones and dear ones from far-off places which are inaccessible for you to go due to some reason.

Especially in the pandemic of covid mobile has played an important role in joining people from one place to another and it helped everyone to contact to health department also.

So we can say that the calling facility has enabled contacting one another sitting at far off places.

2.Clicking photos:- the mobile phone has allowed us to click pictures and this has reduced our dependency on DSLR as it is not affordable for each and every person to buy a DSLR as it is very expensive. But the mobile phone has given us the advantage to click photos of very good quality which are giving neck to neck competition to DSLR photos.

Companies are developing smartphones with good camera quality and increasing users’ efficiency to click good photos and with this feature, users are able to start their YouTube channel with minimum investment.

3. Education: In our phones, we can study from teachers sitting at far-off places and students can get different courses at minimal charges as everyone is not able to achieve a degree from a university.

A study from the smartphone also allows people to study at their comfortable time as many people are doing part-time jobs with studying and it requires a convenient way to study at the time when they are comfortable. On platforms like YouTube, we can get any lecture from any teacher sitting across the world and this makes smartphones more useful.

4.Entertainment:-with the help of a smartphone, we can get entertainment material whatever you want and this makes it useful because nowadays people are depressed because they are alone at their home so so smartphone is a good way to entertain yourself without disturbing and even and without getting depressed. So indirectly we can say that smartphone helps us to avoid depression by entertaining us.

5.Chatting:-we can chat with our friends and relatives with the help of smartphones as apps on the play store like WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook etc help us to talk to our friends and relatives and make new friends. These apps also help us to share our routine and to become popular and create a brand value for ourselves if people love to watch us.

In-app like WhatsApp, we just need to sign up with our mobile number and share that mobile number to everyone with who we want to talk and he can talk to us by that mobile number easily. In WhatsApp, we can send audio video text and images including documents location, and many more thanks. In Facebook and Instagram we I have to create a profile for ourselves and people can talk to us.

6.Business:-nowadays smartphones also involved in doing business as people sitting in different corners of the world can do virtual meetings related to the business and can sign deals do contracts smartphones are also a good way to ensure that you can start a business with that and expand it to the levels that no one can think of.

7:-Maps:-in smartphones we get a feature from which we can get maps of any place so that we can go to a destination very easily without being wrong from our path and this gives an advantage to us for saving time and money by saving petrol.

many applications are there which provide maps of different cities towns and countries to help us to reach the right destination.

8.Radio:- nowadays radio has become popular in some cities and in order to listen to the radio in earlier times we had to carry the radio with us but today we are very much technological so that we can listen to radio from iPhone only and there is no need to carry a radio with us. We can listen to podcast news etc.

9.calcualtor:-when there are large sums our mind gets confused and in order to resolve it companies give a feature in

the phone which helps us to do calculations with the speed of light as soon as we click on is equal to it shows us the result and thus reduces the headache of multiplication and division manually.

10store files:- we can have r data in our smartphones as it allows us to store files and helps us to restore them whenever needed we can get any file at one click and in a few seconds we can mark a file important so that we can find it is easily whenever needed.

So these were the things you can do with smartphones and make your life easy and comfortable. We hope you enjoyed reading a blog and got many things to know which you were not aware of earlier some of you might be aware some of you might not be aware. But there are some people who use mobiles in the wrong way, where there are many benefits of mobiles, there are many disadvantages to it. It is up to you how you can use mobiles. Don’t know that pressing one of your buttons can cause problems for you and your entire family forever. I always request you to take special care of yourself and your family and that whatever is designed for our good works should always be used for good works because it has to be used for good or bad. Everything we want to use for work depends on us. If you have a mobile, then you can take all the news of the world from home and also do all kinds of studies from the mobile, you can learn a lot and earn money, but if you use it for wrong things then You may have to see the result of this in a very bad way


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