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Telegram Scraper 2022 Full Featured: How to Add Unlimited Telegram Members

Tele Diamond is professional telegram member adder software for telegram marketing and you get a lot of features in it. Tele Diamond software scrapes data from any Private/Public Telegram group and saves it in csv file and in bulk you can add that data to any of your groups. In this software you get many features like Banfilter, SpamFilter, Daily Online Filter, Weekly Online Filter, Also, apart from bulk message sending, you get many special features in this software.

Telegram Scraper

Tele Diamond Script scrapes the active members from the target telegram groups and transfer them to your group and also you can send thousands of messages to users. You can grow any type of your business by adding thousands of telegram members to your group and you can run it on your mobile and computer.

💻  20+ Features

  • 👉  Multi Login
  • 👉  BanFilter + Delete Ban Numbers
  • 👉  Limited Account Checker + Remover
  • 👉  Scraper Public Groups
  • 👉  Private Group Joiner
  • 👉  Private Group Scraper
  • 👉  Update First Name, Last Name, Username
  • 👉  Normal Message Sender
  • 👉  Message Sender For phone
  • 👉  Multiple Message Sender
  • 👉  Daily Online Working Filter
  • 👉  Weekly Online Working Filter
  • 👉  Super Fast Adding
  • 👉  Set Profile Picture of all Mobile numbers
  • 👉  Contact Merge Option for Phone + Computer
  • 👉  Bulk Adder For Mobile
  • 👉  Manual Adder
  • 👉  Auto Adder
  • 👉  Single Adder For Mobile
  • 👉  Normal Adder for Computer
  • 👉  Multi Adder for Computer
  • 👉  Scraping Unlimited
  • 👉  Use All Numbers at Once

💻  PC Requirements

  • 👉  Python (latest version)
  • 👉  Notepad++
  • 👉  Ram 2GB Minimum
  • 👉  Any Processor
  • 👉  50GB Hard disk
  • 👉  Internet Connection

💻  Mobile Requirements

  • 👉  Termux (Mobile App)
  • 👉  Text Editor
  • 👉  Internet Connection

Can this software work on mobile?

Yes, you can also run this script very easily on any of your Android Mobiles! To make it work for you though we need to install Termux. The Termux app will be available through the Google Play Store and Apple App stores respectively but don’t worry as long as our device is compatible with Remix OS (which most smartphones are) then installing termux should take no time at all.

The user simply needs access to an internet connection so they may download software like git or download apps directly from the google play store while also being able I understand what’s going inside these websites by using developer tools in Chrome browser. With those pre requisites out-of-the box getting started shouldn’t be too difficult.

So if you want to increase the members in your telegram group, then you will definitely have to use this telegram marketing software which we can also call telegram member adder. This is the best Telegram marketing software since it is very easy to use

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