Telegram Member Adder Pro Software 2020 – How to add Unlimited Members in Telegram Group

On the Internet, you will get many ideas about how you can add members to Telegram Group. But I want to tell you that many of those methods are fake. A lot of software is also free. But you have to see which is the best software for you. The software you will get for free are limited software. You cannot transfer unlimited members from that.

But we have brought software for you that you cannot even think about. The name of this software is Telegram Member Adder Pro with the help of this software you can add unlimited members to any of your groups.

But I want to tell you one thing that you can purchase any software, even if it is worth ₹1000, if it is worth ₹5000 and even if it is worth ₹100000, then to run any software you need virtual mobile numbers Will have to be needed. and you get this virtual mobile number absolutely free.

Now I want to tell you about my Telegram Member Adder software, which features you will get to see in it. First of all, let me tell you one thing that this is the first such software in the world that works with ultra speeds. With the help of this software, you can also add members to any of your private groups and can also pick up members from private groups. We are confident that the Telegram Member Adder will never disappoint you.

Now I want to show you my Telegram Marketing software.

Are you seeing that you will get a lot of files in Telegram Member Adder software? I also want to tell you about what all these files work

  1. AutoSelect Scripts – Contains 50 Adding Scripts Through Which You Can Run 50 Account Simultaneously
  2. ManualSelect Scripts – Contains Adder 1 Script Which Can Be Used To Add Users By User Id(s)
  3. Sessions – Contains The Session Files Of The Logged In Numbers. So No Need To Login in Every Time You Run The Script.
  4. Api.csv – Store All Your Api Id(s) and API Hash(s) At Once.
  5. – If You Are A Experienced Telegram Users Adder Then You May Have Experienced That Many Accounts Get Banned And Some Don’t, But it Becomes Very Difficult To Filter Them, Well This Script Does The Job and Filters The Banned Numbers.
  6. Config – Here You Can Set The Channels From Where To Scrape Users And To Where To Add Users
  7. Data.csv – After filtering the members by Filterbylastseen, the data is automatically stored in this file.
  8. – Scrapes User Data From Groups
  9. – If You Are Using AutoSelect Scripts Then This Script Filters Out The Users Without Usernames.
  10. – Filters Out The Users Who Were Not Active In Last XYZ hours/days/weeks/months (You Can Set Your Own Value In place of XYZ ex: 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, etc You Can Also Set It to Scrape Only Those Users Who Are Currently Online)
  11. – Once You Enter Your Numbers In Phone.csv Then You Can Run This Once To Login All Of Your Numbers In Script And Create Sessions Files At Once
  12. Memory – This file will work for how many members you have to transfer and which mobile number to use.
  13. Phone.csv – You Can Store All Your Telegram Phone Number(s) At Once
  14. – Using This Script You Can Make All Your Logged In Telegram Account Join A Private Channel At Once.
  15. – Using This Script You Can Make All Your Logged In Telegram Account Join A Public Channel At Once.
  16. Unf – Total data is stored in this file which you export from any group.
this is Python-based software and you can run it on any of your computers very easily and you can add unlimited members to any group of your telegram. I also want to tell you that to run it You need a free mobile number which you can easily find on the Internet. Many people ask me that if we use this software, then our group will not have any problem, then I want to tell you that after using this software, your group will never have any problem. If there is a problem, then the mobile number you are using with the virtual free mobile number can be the problem.

Telegram member adder Pro software is the best software in the telegram market industry, In another very good picture, I am going to tell you that the virtual mobile numbers that are used in other software, they become ban very quickly. But in this software, you will not have to face any such problem.

Now I am going to give you a video tutorial in which I have told you how to use Telegram Member Adder Pro software.

And this is the snap of our Telegram Member Adder software. You will find a lot of options on the dashboard itself.

If you have any questions regarding Telegram Member Adder software, you can ask us. Given below are our social media links.

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