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Telegram Member Adder Script – How to add Unlimited Members in Telegram Group (Features+Demo)

In this article, I am going to give you the Telegram Member adder script, with the help of this software, you can add unlimited members to any of your Telegram groups. Let me tell you one more thing that you can pick up members from any target group and transfer members in your group, on the Internet you will find many telegram marketing software, but this is the software, you have never heard it before.

Sometimes it happens that someone adds us to Telegram Group, without our permission, you can also do it only with the help of this Telegram member adder script. if you want to grow your business and reach out to your customers, so this software is going to be very beneficial for you. this Telegram member adder software will add members to your group in a very short time.

The special feature of this Telegram Member Adder software is that it can export members from any private group and can add members to any private group. If you purchase this software from us, then you will get it for a lifetime, but before that, I want to tell you one thing that any software you can purchase but you need a free virtual mobile number to run every software and virtual mobile numbers will get you absolutely free from the 2ndline application. 

Let me show you what this software looks like.

1. First of all you have to open the phone.csv file and add your mobile number. In this file you can add unlimited mobile number and whenever you want to add mobile number in it, you always have to add the country code along with it

2. You have to open the API.csv file and put the API ID of each mobile number here. you can enter the API of each number or you can enter the API of 5 or 6 mobile numbers. In this, I would like to give you an indication that you put an API for each mobile number so that the chances of your mobile number getting banned are reduced if you put the 2-4 API, but it is fine but your mobile number starts getting banned very soon. If you go, that is why you always use the same API as the mobile number you use, I want to tell you one more thing that we have made a bot to Extract the API.

3. After opening this file you have to give the username of the target group at the top and on the second option you have to give the username of your group. You have to put a mobile number on the third option, you can copy the mobile number from the phone file and put it here. One thing to keep in mind is that when you have to enter the mobile number here, the country code should be attached to it. You have to enter API ID & HASH ID on the number Fourth and Fifth, you can copy it from the API file and put it here

4.You have to click on the export file above and then it will automatically pick up the members from the target group. Always open the export file in CMD because after opening from there you get to know what more output it gives.

5.After clicking on the filter file, your members will filtered according to of the username.

6.With the help of this file, you can filter members by last seen

7.After everything is done, you have to click above this folder.

8.After clicking on the autoadd file, your members will start transferring. I want to tell you one thing that how this add auto file works. When you click on this file, it has started using a mobile number and transfer members automatically to the file containing the data file
Through this video, you can learn this software very easily. I want to tell you one thing that this is the only software, with the help of this you can transfer unlimited members, you will get much such software but with their help, you cannot transfer unlimited members. Many people ask me how this software works, so I would like to tell you that it works with the help of virtual mobile numbers, you can transfer the members according to the number of mobile numbers you will put in it. If you enter a mobile number in it, with the help of that you can add 50 members to any group of your telegram and if you send 20 mobile numbers to it, you can transfer one thousand members. When you transfer 1000 members from which mobile numbers, then you have to wait for 24 hours, then later you can transfer the next 1000 members with the help of those mobile numbers. There is no limit to this software, you can transfer the member according to the number of mobile numbers you will enter in the office. Many people also ask me the question, Sir, can we run this software on our mobile or else I want to tell you that it is a Python-based script and it can run well in Windows itself If you want to run it on your mobile then you can use Termax and or you can install RDP in your mobile and with the help of that you can run this script but we prefer that you Run this script in your own computer only so that you can get good results. If you want to take this script, then you have to run it on the computer, if you want to get its result well then

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