Telegram Member Adder (August 2021) – Increase Telegram Members [Gold Script]

Are you searching for a telegram member adder? You have come to the right place because in this article we are going to tell about such telegram marketing software, using which you can pick up members from any telegram group and transfer members to any of your groups.

I know that there are many such telegram member adder software and telegram scripts on the internet which are used to increase telegram group members. But 99% of them software is fake and they don’t work at all. But the telegram member adder script that we have brought for you, with the help of this telegram script, you can add unlimited telegram members to your group.

We were getting messages on Instagram for a long time that tell about the best telegram member adder which works properly I would like to tell you that we have given some telegram scraper to you people in the past but this telegram marketing software stopped working from time to time. But the telegram member adding script which we are going to give you today, it works very well and will solve all your problems.

First of all, we want to tell you about our telegram scraper and also want to tell how many files are there in it and what do those files work.

Telegram Marketing Software

Telegram Member Adder Gold – Increase Telegram Group Members

All the files in our software are all Python files and we are going to tell you about them now. This is a Python-based Telegram Member Adder script that you need to have Python software on your computer to run it. You can also run the telegram member adder software on your mobile and computer. After installing this software, you will have to enter a virtual number in it, only then you can transfer the members. I try to convince you in simple language that you too can transfer 50+ members from your Telegram account in 1 day. In this telegram member adder software, if you add 1 telegram account, you can transfer 50 members and if you add 20 telegram accounts to it, you can transfer 1000 members.

  • addcon

This is a folder and you will find two files in it, using those files you can add the exported data to your contact list.

  • sessions

When you will login your mobile numbers in this telegram member adder then their session will be created in this folder I mean to say that as long as the sessions of those numbers is with you, that number will be logged in your software.

  • .csv

Many times while adding a members, there is a limit on your mobile number, then there is such an option in this script that will remove your mobile numbers on which the limit has been active, then in this file those numbers will come on which mobile number limit is on.

  • BanNumbers

While adding member, your mobile number which you have logged in this software may become banned. So your banned numbers are saved in this file.

  • Config

In this file, you have to enter the user name of your target group and the username of your group and you also have to enter a mobile number. In this file you will also have to enter the ID of the Telegram group in which you want to add a member.

  • Data

After the target group member is scrapped, their data is saved here.

  • Install

Before running telegram member adder, you have to click on this file because this file will install all the drivers in your computer which you need to run this telegram member adder.

  • Main

There is a main file of our software, in which you will get to see all the features that make our software special, in this file you will get all the options of member adding from which you can earn money.

  • Outfile

This is a system file, it does not need to be opened

  • Phone

With the help of the Telegram account with which you want to add members, you will put those mobile numbers in this file.

  • set

This is the profile picture which profile picture you want to put in the phone numbers

  • v1-1

This is a system file, it does not need to be opened

Recommended PC Requirements List

  • Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • 1 GB Ram or above
  • Python 3.9.1 or Above
  • Notepad ++
  • WinRar software (for extracting the files)
  • Plus Messenger

Recommended Mobile Requirements List

Software Features:

  • Multi Login
  • BanFilter + Delete Ban Numbers
  • Limited Account Checker + Remover
  • Scraper Public + Private Groups
  • Daily Online Filter
  • Weekly Online Filter
  • No Need of API
  • Delete Already Members
  • Set Profile Picture of all Mobile numbers
  • Contact Merge Option for Phone + Computer
  • Bulk Adder For Mobile
  • Single Adder For Mobile
  • Normal Adder for Computer
  • Multi Adder for Computer
  • Scrape from Multiple groups
  • Use All Numbers at Once

Can this software work on mobile?

Yes, you can run this script very easily on any of your Android mobiles. To run it on your mobile, you have to install the termux application on your mobile.

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