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Telegram Member Adder – How to Add UNLIMITED Members to Telegram Channel

In this article, I am going to tell you about how to increase telegram members, the Telegram Marketing software which I am going to give to you through this article is a Paid Telegram Member Adder Software but I am giving it to you all for free. With the help of this, you can add unlimited members to any of your Telegram groups, you can add unlimited members to any of your Telegram channels.

A lot of people ask me this question and you also search the internet on how to increase members in telegram channels or how we can add unlimited members in our Telegram group, I am going to tell you a complete tutorial in this article today

We created this Guide ebook to teach you “How to use our scripts ”. But before you go ahead and read this guide let me give you an overview of what you are going to learn in the next few Sections.

The first section Is “Setup Guide” :

In this section, we will teach you ( how to set up your own working environment, import scripts on your working environment, add a telegram account into your scripts, use and run the scripts )

The second section Is “Advanced Section” :

After the end of chapter 1, you will have a good idea about the script & how to use it but in chapter 2 we will teach you how you can modify the script yourself as per your need.

The third section Is “ Support

In this section, I will give you my contact details so that if you face any problem then you can message me there to get help.


Welcome to the first chapter of the setup guide section and in this, we are going to discuss “ How you can setup your own working environment ”. The working environment is very important because this is a place where you are going to use & run the scripts.

In order to run the scripts you need to install few things on your computer. You need to Install :

Python programming language

Download from here – https://www.python.org/downloads/

PyCharm ( to make it easier to work with python scripts )

Download from here – https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/download/ ( download community version )

Q. Why do we need Python?

-> All the scripts are written in python so in order to run the scripts you need to have python installed on your machine.

Q. Why do we need PyCharm?

-> PyCharm is a software which you will use to run the scripts.

So till now, you have installed Python & PyCharm successfully on your computer. Now its time for juicy stuff ( Scripts ).

First of all open PyCharm and create a new project.

Now give it a name

Now Click on < File >

After that select < Open >

Now select all the files ( Scripts ) and hit enter OR click open

After that, all the scripts will open

BOOM !! You have successfully imported all the scripts in your project but before you start adding members you need to install one more thing and that is called “ Telethon “. No No, Don’t freak out you don’t have to download any software. Telethon is a python library and you need to install it in order to work with a telegram, So let’s install it very quickly.

At the bottom left you will see < Terminal > Click on that.

After that, a terminal like this will open

Now you just have type: python -m pip install telethon

Copy & Paste this command and hit enter

Now Telethon will start installing and it might take a few second to a few minutes ( depends on your internet connection )

Now Telethon has been successfully installed.🥳

Till now you have successfully installed everything you need in order to run the scripts & now we are going to discuss “How to add an account to script”

If you open and check any script, on the 11th OR 12th line of code you will see:

So with telegram restrictions in order to access an account, we need these 3 things.

So now you might be thinking, I have the phone number but what about the rest two? So in order to access api_id and api_hash

First of all, go to telegram and search ” ArshMaanApi 

This is my API Bot and you can extract any mobile number’s API using Telegram Bot

After using this bot ” ArshMaanApi “, you will receive api_id and api_hash. Save them somewhere. You will use these credentials in the script.

So now we have all the 3 required columns which we will use in our scripts in order to login into an account.

1: scrapper script

So in the previous step, we discussed api_id, api_hash and


Now open the “Scrapper Script” but why scrapper script? Why not adder the script first?

It’s because in order to add members to a group we need to have a scrape list of members that we want to add. So we will discuss scrapper first.

Open the script and fill in all the details like this


⦁ In api_hash you can see that I used a double Quotation mark < “ ” > So you need to make sure you place your api_hash inside those quotation marks else you will have an error.

⦁ When you are putting your phone number, you need to make sure two things (a) You should use the same number which you used to get api_id and api_hash. (b) You need to add the country code without space in front of your number.

After you have added all these 3 details, you need to add 2 more details into the script

⦁ Which group you want to scrape

⦁ Where do you want to save the scrape list?

So first of all let’s discuss “How to choose which group you want to scrape”

First of all go to line 28, where you will see ( target = “ URL HERE ” )

So now go to the group that you want to scrape, copy the URL from there and then paste it in between these quotation marks.

Note – Make sure that the group URL is correct & present b/w quotation marks ( “ ” )

Now our script knows which group we want to scrape and the last thing that we have to do is, we need to tell the script that where do we want to save the scrape list.

For that go to line 33: In the below screenshot you can see that I have highlighted a line, you need to replace this line with the location that you want to save.

For example, I want to save this scrape list on my desktop.

For Mac I will do – /Users/YourNameHere/Desktop/filename.csv For Windows I will do – C:/Users/…../Desktop/filename.csv

Note – If you don’t know how to check the file path then you can google that as well.

Have you noticed one thing here, After the path location I am giving a name with a .csv extension at the end?

In this example, I am using member.csv ( This is the file name that I want to assign it, so after I run the script it will be saved with the name “member.csv” )

After you have done all the steps above now you are all set to run the script. So in order to run the script, on the top toolbar you will see <RUN> click on that and then again select <RUN>

After that, it will ask you to choose the script, select the script that you want to run ( in this case we are going to run the scrapper script )

After that, a terminal will open and it will ask for the verification code that has been sent to your telegram account so just enter that code and then hit enter

After you hit enter, then the script will run and it will show something like this, which means that members have been scrapped and saved.

So in file pathway location, I have given the location of my desktop with the name “ filename.csv ” so just click on it and then you will see the

members list of that group isn’t it cool?

So now we have our scrapped list of members.

2: Telegram Group Member Adder Script

So far you have successfully used the scrapper script and you have a list of members that you want to add to your group, so now we are going to discuss the group member adder script, and trust me this is going to be very interesting.

Let me recall a few things that we discussed in the “ scrapper script ”

⦁ api_id, api_hash, and phone – We used all these to login into our account right? So we will be using these details again. DON’T WORRY you don’t have to do all that again, just use the same details that you have used in the scrapper script.

⦁ Location of file – In the scrapper script we gave a location on our computer where we want to save that file, so we will use the same location in this group adder script.

If you are confused, trust me I will make it simple for you just follow me along.

First of all, go to line 12: and use the same api_id, api_hash, and phone that you have used in the scrapper script

Now go to line 25 which is asking for the input file. Just use the same location that you have used in the scrapper script but make sure that the file location path is in b/w quotation mark otherwise you will get an error.

Now it will ask for a verification code, just enter the code that you have received on your telegram account to log in.

After you enter your code, you will see a list of groups that you have joined and each group will have a number in front of it.

For example: In this case, I am a member of 1 group and the number in front of it is “0” So I will just type 0. If the group in which you want to add a member is at number 9 then type 9 and hit enter.

Now the script is asking “ENTER 1 TO ADD BY USERNAME” Just type 1 and then hit enter.

Now it is asking “START FROM” . So just type the number from where you want to start the adding process. You can open the scrapped list and in first row you will find Serial number. So choose the number from which you want to start the adding process.

Now you need to assign the “END TO” so just type the serial number upto which you want to add the members from this account.
So basically I added this feature because if you are going to use multiple accounts for 1 scraped list then this feature will help you to add members very fast.
For example: If you have scrapped list of 50 members and you are using 5 accounts for that . So what you can do is .
Run this adder script in 5 different tab with different account details and then In 1st account start from (0 – 10) , 2nd account (11-20) , 3rd ( 21-30) 4th (31-40) and in 5th ( 41-50)
So in this way you can add members very fast.
After you have given Start and End point then the script will start adding members: So just sit back and relax and do other things.
3: Telegram Channel Member Adder Script
So now you know how to scrape any group, as well as additional members to the group but now we are going to discuss “ How you can add members to your channel ”
The steps will be the same as we did in the Telegram Member adder script but with the telegram channel member script you need to make sure one thing i.e You need to be the admin on the channel in order to add members there because it is a telegram rule that only channel admin can add members. So make sure that the account you are using should be the admin of the channel in which you want to add the members.
So first of all open the Channel adder script in PyCharm and then insert
app_id, app_hash, and phone
Now online 18 you will see channel_username = “ ”
Here you have to insert your channel username in which you want to add members. ( MAKE SURE THE ACCOUNT YOU ARE USING IS ADMIN OF THE CHANNEL )
Now give Start and Endpoint and hit enter and the members will start adding.
new teleee

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