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Telegram is going to Shut Down it’s Group Member Adding Service?

Friends, if you do not know about this but I want to tell you that if you have a Telegram account, then you can make Telegram account then you can create Telegram group and add unlimited members to it. There are many math available to add members to Telegram Group, with the help of which you can pick up your target group members and transfer the member to your Telegram group.

The first method is Telegram marketing software with the help of which you can add real members to your group, which is absolutely a working method, but you might not know that some Android applications are also available on the Play Store, with the help of which you can add members to Telegram Group, but you will be very sad to know that Telegram has banned all those applications. Not everyone could buy Telegram marketing software, that’s why they used to add members to their group by using these Android applications. But after 5 January, the telegram ban in all those applications. Earlier there were some people who used these applications to do member adding in their telegram group and also used to do member adding for people so that they can get some income. But now you can not add members by using these Android applications in any group of Telegram. I have been receiving messages for a long time that sir, we used to use these Android applications first and add members to our Telegram group, but now we are not able to add members to our Telegram group.

There are many benefits of adding members to Telegram Group, I want to tell you one thing that if you have a lot of audience in your hands, then you can think how much benefit you can take. Many people were on Telegram Group and they were adding members to Telegram Group to promote their business and they were using these applications but Telegram has banned all these applications. Now you cannot add members to your Telegram group using any third-party application. If you now have to add a member to Telegram Group, then you will have to purchase our software because it is a 100% working method. Maybe in the coming few days telegram may stop its member adding service. But now you can add members through Telegram marketing software, but you can not add members by using any third party Android application. Telegram keeps making changes in its policy, so now the changes that have come in the policy is that you cannot add members in Telegram Group using any third-party applications. There is a lot of reason behind closing this service of Telegram, the biggest reason is that a lot of spamming was happening by using these applications.

Now I am going to tell you the name of some application which was quite popular with the help of which members were added in 10 grams, Telegram X and Bgram is the most popular application to add members in telegram group. The special thing about the N application was that you could log in to unlimited mobiles and with the help of all those mobiles, you could add members to your Telegram group. But there was a lot of spamming due to the high number of applications being added to these applications. This is why Telegram has banned these applications, now you can log in your mobile number in these applications, just like you do in the real Telegram application, but with the help of those numbers, you cannot add members to the Telegram group.



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