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Telegram Hack Hone se Kaise Bachaye

Ever since Telegram has come into the market, its craze has been increasing day by day. In today’s date, Telegram users have become very much and everyone is using Telegram and wants to promote their business on Telegram.

But you do not know that many telegram accounts are being hacked every day. Today, in this article, we will learn how you can protect and secure your Telegram account from being hacked

  1. Open your Telegram account and click on the left top corner lines.Telegram Hack Hone se Kaise Bachaye
  2. Click on ‘Settings
  3. Telegram Hackne se Kaise BachayeClick and open ‘Privacy and Security
  4. Now click on ‘Two-Step Verification
  5. Click on ‘Set additional password
  6. Here you have to set the password and remember it forever.
  7. To confirm the password, you have to re-enter
  8. Here you have to give your password hint because if you forgot this password then you will remember from this hint.
  9. Here you have to enter your email id because if you forgot the Two-factor password, you can recover it with the help of your email.
  10. The email id you have entered here, you have to open that inbox and there will be an OTP from Telegram, you have to copy that OTP and enter it here.
  11. Now a two-factor has been set up on your Telegram account. Now, if anyone knows the password of your Telegram account and if anyone tries to hack your account then they will also have to enter the password of Two-factor verification.




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