Telegram Bulk Message Sender Software – How to Send Unlimited Messages to Telegram Members

Friends, in this article today, we are going to give you a Telegram Bulk Message Sender software with the help of which you can do unlimited messages to your or any other Telegram group members, it is Python-based software and can be run on your Windows computer. In a short time, a lot of messages can send members of your target group. I have also made a video on this software, whose link will be found below,, now I want to tell you something about how many files are in it. And what else works.

To run this software on your PC, the link to the software that should be on your computer is given below.

1 . _pycache_: You do not need to open this folder because it is the folder of the internal process of our software.
2. Session: When you log in to the mobile number in this software, it will create its own database and that database will be saved in this session folder.
3. Api: You have to save the API ID of every mobile number entered in this software in this file.
4. Config: In this file, you have to enter the user name of your target group, the members of the group that you want to message
5. After clicking on this file, members of your target group will be exported.
6. Filter: After exporting the members, if you want to filter them, then you can use this file
7. FilterbyLastSeen: With the help of this file, you can filter the exported members but it has some different features.
8. First of all, you have to open this file because from this file all your numbers will be logged which number you have entered in this software.
9. memory: With the help of this file you can set which mobile number you want to use and which members to send the message
10. Message: In this file, you have to set the message that you want to send to the people.
11. phone: In this file, you have to enter the mobile numbers, with the help of which you want to send messages to people, you can also use virtual free mobile numbers in it.
11. Send now: After clicking on this file, your message will start going to people.
Below you will find a video of me in which I have given a complete tutorial of this software on how to set it up and how you can send messages to your or any other group members using it.
I would like to tell you something about this software that it works with ultra speed and will transfer a lot of your members to your group in a very short time. This software will scrape members from your target group and transfer them to any of your groups. You can run this software on any of your mobiles or on any computer, but we prefer that you run this software on your own computer because if you want to work with ultra speed then you can use it Run it on computer. You will need virtual free mobile numbers to run this software. Virtual free mobile number, you will get many Android mobile applications for absolutely free. With the help of this software, you can add unlimited members to any of your groups, I want to tell you more than this software does not work for your telegram channels because it is difficult to add members to the telegram channel. So if you want to promote your business and want to group, then you should buy this software because with the help of it you can promote any kind of your business in Telegram groups.
I also want to tell you one more thing that a lot of people ask me why there cannot be more than 50 members transferred from one mobile number, then I want to tell you that this is the API limit of Telegram so that you 50 Could not transfer more than members. So, to add members to Telegram’s group, purchase any Telegram marketing software, but no more than 50 members can transfer from a mobile number. But this software is multi-login software and in it, you can add an unlimited mobile number and any number of mobile number you add to it, you can transfer the recording to any group of your telegram. Many people also ask me the question if using this will there be any problem on our group, then I want to tell you that your group will never face any problem if the problem If it happens then your free mobile numbers may be the problem.
If you want to run it on your mobile, then you will have to install RDP on your mobile or you will have to use this software in termux in your mobile, but one thing I want to tell you is that if you speed this software If you want, then you have to install it in RDP or in your computer. 
So if you want to promote your business, then I want to give a suggestion to you that you create the Telegram Group because it is possible to transfer the members in the Telegram Group itself. You cannot transfer the members in the Telegram channel.  You cannot transfer real members in Telegram’s channel, but if you want to transfer the members in your Telegram’s channel, then you can take the help of fake members because on the Internet you will find many such SMM panels that can be used for your telegram. You can transfer members thrown in the channel, but if you want to transfer in real then it is only possible in the group and for that group, we are giving you Telegram marketing software.

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