4 Best FREE Telegram Bot List for Groups

In this article, I am going to give you the 4 best free telegram bots which you can use in your Telegram groups. If you are doing your business on Telegram or you are a student, then you will find these 4 Best Free Telegram bots and you must use it for your group. This Telegram boss will do automation work in your Telegram Group. Below, I will tell you which telegram bots and what do they use in your Telegram Group.

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1. MissRose_bot

Miss Rose bot is the best useful bot to manage your group, with the help of this you can do a lot of work on automation, it has many features such as Welcome Message/Anti flood/Filters/Greetings/Goodbye Message/Link Remove/Auto Reply/Auto Posting. This Telegram bot alone can run your group. If you want to use this Telegram Bot, then you have to make this Telegram Boat a Group Admin and later it will do its work in your group. for more information, you can visit its website Missrose.org

2. VerifyBot

This telegram bot is used to verify your Telegram channel, public group or bot. with the help of which you will be very easy to promote your business because people will start trusting you because your Group/Channel will be verified by Telegram.

3. deljoinbot

When any number is added to your Telegram group or any member is left, then you see the notification there, if you want that any such notification is not visible in your group, then you can use this telegram bot. With this help, notifications will be automatically deleted. You have to make this Telegram Bot as an Admin in your group and later this bot will automatically delete the notifications coming in the group.

4. ArshMaanApiExtract_Bot

Each Telegram mobile number has a separate Telegram API ID and Hash. When you send a message from a telegram with any Digital Marketing software or a member adding in Telegram, then you need a telegram API id and Hash. many people use Telegram’s official website to extract API ID, but it is a very long process. but With the help of this Telegram bot, you can extract Telegram API ID very easily. When you open this Telegram Bot with your Telegram account, you will have to enter your mobile number and an OTP will be received on your mobile number and within a very short time, you can extract the Telegram API ID.

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