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How I Completely Blocked Internet Access for Specific Android Apps – Net Blocker for Android

First of all, we know why we need to block the internet for some apps. First of all, I would like to say that I have a lot of messaging apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram. Many times it happens that I am watching a movie on Netflix and I am receiving messages on one of my messaging apps and I am getting disturbed by that message. In this situation, with the help of blocking the net, I turn off the internet in some applications so that no one can message me and I can comfortably watch my movie..lolzz.

there may be another reason in your case that you are talking on WhatsApp with one of your girlfriends and you do not want to receive the message on Instagram, Facebook, etc, then in that situation, You can also use my trick and turn off the internet on all the applications that disturb you. And sometimes it can happen that if your Android application is using your data more, then you can use Net Blocker for Android in that situation and you can close all those applications for a limited time. In this article, I am going to tell you two such methods, with the help of which you can block internet data on the specific Android application.

1. Force Stop Apps

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’ in your android mobile

Step 2. Type ‘Application’ in Search Box and Hit enter, click on below options

Step 3. All the applications which are installed in your system will be visible here and you have to open all those applications from here.

Step 4. Here you will see all the applications and you have to select the application whose internet you want to block.

Step 5. Clicking on the ‘Force Stop’ option, after clicking on it, this application will stop working and you will stop receiving messages. Remember that this application is closed until you open the application again.

2. Net Blocker – Block Internet per App

Step 1. Go to Playstore and Type ‘Net Blocker – Block Internet per app’ or direct download from here

Step 2. After installing open Net Blocker app

Step 3. All the applications that are installed in your Android mobile are visible here, you see an icon next to the name of those applications, clicking on that icon, you can select that application.

Net blocker App

Step 4. After selecting the applications, you have to turn ‘ON’ button given below.

Internet of these applications has been shut down until you turn off the Net Blocker application.

Enjoy 🙂

Type ‘Application’ and



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