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Lifetime Free Credit Card – How to Get Credit Card for FREE 2021

If you are searching on the internet how to get a free credit card, then you are reading the right article because in this article I am going to tell you how you can make a lifetime free credit card using your mobile. And you can use that credit card for shopping or for those things you want to buy online.

We all know that now is the time of the Internet, If we want to do anything on the internet, then a credit card is necessary for that, UPI’s options are available for making payments in India, but it happens many times If we do not see any other option without credit card. If you go to the bank to get a credit card, then there are special criteria for it, as if your income shows, then there are many such criteria, if you complete it then you can take your Credit Card. Let me tell you one thing that I also do a private job in which my income was very low, in that case, I could not take a credit card. There are many people like me who do not have physical credit cards from their bank. but today I am going to tell you the tricks in this article using which you can take a credit card from your mobile and with that credit card you can shop and do more online transactions. Come on your mobile screen and I tell you how you can get a lifetime free credit card. If you like this article, please read me and the article and support me.

1. First of all you have to go to the play store and type “iMudra” or download from here

2. Install and open this software

3. You have to click on the “Get Started” button

4. Click on the “Create Account” you see below

5. Enter your mobile number here, the password, Date of Birth and Click on “Create Account” below.

6. You have to enter OTP which has been received on your mobile number

7. Here you have to give your name and your government ID. Do not worry, this ID will be secure

8. Now your dashboard will open and at the bottom you will see four options, Here you will see the “Add Money”, you have to click on it.

9. You have to add ₹ 10 here and click above the “Add Balance” button

10. If you will be asked to turn on your location, then you have to click on the button on the turn and you can pay from UPI and your ₹ 60 will be added to this account.

11. After the payment is done, you will come back to the application dashboard again, here you will see four options at the bottom, you have to click on the “Cards” above.

12. Click on the “Get Digital Card” button

13. Here you will see a card, you have to click on it and you have to click on the “Proceed” button below.

14. Here you will see the “Card Control” option, you have to click on it and the next page will open, from there you have to turn on “Online Transitions”.

15. You have to come to your dashboard and here you can see your digital credit card. You can shop online with the help of this and use this card for online transactions but you have to keep money in your wallet.

To get a credit card from this application, it is very important to keep ₹ 60 in your wallet because you can create this card for only ₹ 59. Don’t worry, your money will remain in your own wallet. You can shop as much money as you would in this application’s wallet. This is a very good application, you can create a lifetime free credit card with the help of this, you do not need to give any money, whatever money you are making to take this free credit card will also remain in your wallet.



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