How to Increase Instagram Followers for FREE 2021

I get a lot of messages that we want to increase Instagram followers, so tell us a trick that can help us increase real Instagram followers. The method that I am going to tell you in this article, I have used on my Instagram account myself and it works very well. This method is fully trusted and very few people know about it, so if you want to increase the followers of your Instagram by thousands and millions, then you should read this article.

Instagram is such a platform, if you have good followers here, then your personality will look very good. So today in this method we will not talk about any paid thing, I am going to tell you the absolutely free method which is a secret method and you can use it on your original account and you can increase instagram followers.

1. Download and Install Nutrino Plus app from this Link

2. After installing, you have to open this application in your mobile and when you open it, such a page will appear in front of you and you have to click on the “I Accept” button.

3. You have to click on the “SIGN IN” button

4. This software will try to guide you, so you always have to click on the “Right Icon”

5. You have to enter the username and password of the Instagram Whose followers you want to increase. If you want to increase the followers of your real Instagram account, then you have to open that account here. Don’t worry your Instagram account will be secure in this application

6. Your Instagram account will open here and you have to click on the “Right Icon”

7. Your Instagram account will be successfully opened in this application and you can also see the dashboard here and you have to click on the “Star Icon” here

8. Now all the tricks start from here, you will be seeing a lot of Instagram profiles here, whose “Subscribe +8” button is visible below and you have to click on this button.

9. After clicking the “Subscribe +8” button, an Instagram account will open in front of you, you have to follow it.

10. After following, you have to minimize the Instagram and come back to the Neutrino plus application, now let me tell you what happens when you click on the “Subscribe” button when you click on this button, You are following the account and after following that account you get 8 diamonds and after following each account you get more 8 diamonds. You see these diamonds on the right top bar. You already get 50 diamonds while signing up

11. After following each Instagram account, you will get 8 diamonds and You have to follow these Instagram profiles till you reach more than 359 diamonds

12. After following the profile of these Instagram, when your diamond is above 319 then you have to click on “Click to Start Gaining Followers”.

13. Here you will see 10 minutes of time, so let me tell you what it means. You can spend 359 Diamonds for 10 minutes and put your profile in the dashboard of this application. Just like you had followed other people’s Instagram profiles, now others will follow your profile and they will also earn diamonds.

14. You can see that my profile has been on the dashboard of this application for 10 minutes and now people will start following my profile.

15. You can see my Instagram followers have started getting increasing

Tip: You do not have to unfollow the following profiles for one month.

The trick of this application is that you have to collect diamonds and you can use those diamonds for yourself. With the help of this application you can also take Instagram likes

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Enjoy 🙂



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