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How to Unban Telegram Account in 2021

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about unbanning Telegram account. There are a lot of reasons for which your Telegram account ban or you can say that your Telegram number gets banned from Telegram and after that, you are not able to use your Telegram account whenever you need to sign in by putting your number on Telegram If you try, then Telegram gives you a message saying that your number has become banned to Telegram. You are such that a lot of people get upset and start crying, the same thing happened to me because my Telegram account also had my groups and my channels which went away due to the banning of Telegram number. But you have no need to panic because after reading this tutorial you can Unban any of your telegram numbers from the telegram and that too in a very short time. 

First of all, we know why your mobile number gets banned from Telegram. There is a lot of reason behind it that your Telegram number becomes banned to Telegram.

Many times it happens that we are constantly messaging any person or any group or channel of Telegram, due to which Telegram feels that you are using any software or bot, due to which you can use Telegram Get banned. See, I want to tell you one thing, please understand this very well. Suppose you are using Telegram for 1 day, but the very next day you start doing something from your account that makes Telegram suspicious. It becomes that you are not the person who was using this account yesterday. Then Telegram bans your mobile number. Many times you use such software and bots here too, due to which your Telegram account is closed.

So now I will tell you how you can get any of your Telegram mobile numbers unbanned by Telegram. Whenever you try to log in to your telegram with the banned mobile number on Telegram, then you see that your Telegram mobile number has been banned. Below this message, you will see two buttons, the “Help” and the “OK” button.

You have to click on the help button and after that, you will get a lot of options, you have to click on the option with Gmail because we have to mail to Telegram to unban this number. At the top, the mail id of the telegram will be already entered and in its subject, you have ” Banned phone number: +91xxxxxxxxxx “.

Below you will see the message that you have to send the telegram, in which your mobile number has already been entered. And along with that, your device name and some more information will also be written. Now you have to cut the first paragraph and write the paragraph that I have given to you by writing below,

I’m trying to use my mobile phone number: +91xxxxxxxxxx

But Telegram says it’s banned. Dear sir, I will not misuse the telegram features again. it,s my personal number so please sir I humbly request you to unban my telegram number as soon as possible. Thank You.

you just have to enter your mobile number here and you do not change anything in this message. You have not changed the device ID or some other information shown below. You guys have to send the message to the telegram at least 20 times simultaneously. 

After sending this message to Telegram, you have to wait for 3 days. The telegram will send you an email in which it will tell you that your mobile number has been Unbanned from the telegram.

Whenever your mobile number is banned from Telegram, it is very important to keep your patience, because if you pick up any wrong step in a hurry, then the groups and your channels in your account will go away forever.

I get messages from people that our telegram account has been banned, please make our account unbanned, but I would like to tell all of you that I will follow the same step that you guys which I am telling you in this article. One thing I would like to tell you that you do not do any spamming from your mobile number such as adding a member to Telegram or sending bulk messages to Telegram members. 

Because by doing this your mobile number gets banned from Telegram. Some brothers have also told me that we have not done any spamming from our mobile number, yet why our mobile number got banned from Telegram.

In this case, you have to go to your Telegram account and click on the privacy and security option there, after that you have to select the active session option and check that your mobile number is not being run by any other person. But when your mobile number is banned, then you cannot see the active session option, so you can check this option before, if any other device is active along with your device in active sessions, then its means that your mobile number is being used by someone else. If another person is using your mobile number, then he can do anything with your mobile number like spamming.

You should keep checking your active session from time to time and change the password of your telegram from time to time because by doing this your account cannot be used by anyone else. Perhaps you do not know, but your Telegram account can be logged in at 10 places at the same time. In one thing, I want to tell you more than if you are running Telegram groups or Telegram channels, then you keep more than one administrator in it because if your Telegram mobile number is banned, then that group or that Telegram channel There must be another administrator to operate. Many people make the same mistake that they do not administer anyone other than themselves in their group or their channel. If your Telegram account has become a sister due to your mistake or due to Telegram’s fault, then it will run on your group or your channel, but if you have more than one administrator in your group or your channel then your group or your channel will not go out of your hands.

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