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How to Start a YouTube channel and earn money from it in.

In this age and time where everything is all about being social and social media, a lot of people are turning to social media and the online platform to grow their business, make money or build a side hustle. Blogging and YouTube have become a big deal over the past few years and a lot of people are turning to them to make money. However, for blogging, you have to actually make some sort of basic investment such as buying your own domain, etc to be able to start making money from it. YouTube, on the other hand, is free, all you have to do is start a YouTube channel and generate a lot of views.

In this write-up, we will take a look at how to start or open a YouTube channel and also make money with it. To make it easier, this writes up will be divided into two segments. Opening a YouTube channel and How to make money from your YouTube channel. Alright, let’s dive right into it!

Opening a YouTube channel.
To start a YouTube channel, the first step is to open one. Opening a channel is relatively easy and we will go through the steps of opening a YouTube channel successfully below.
✦ Create a Gmail account: You are probably wondering, why? I already have one.
Well, if you already have one, it’s fine. However, If you do not have one, then you definitely need to open one otherwise, you won’t be able to open a YouTube channel. If you are planning to start a brand’s YouTube channel rather than a personal one, then I suggest opening a new Gmail for the brand rather than making use of your personal email.
✦ Create a YouTube account: There are two types of YouTube accounts, we have the personal and brand YouTube account. Whichever you decide to go with depends on you and the type of content you will be creating.
If your blog is a personal one on lifestyle, photography, fashion, etc. You can go with a personal account but if it’s for a brand, you should open a brand YouTube account.
Wondering how to do it? 
Well, it’s quite easy once you are logged in. You will see a little avatar icon that might have a picture of you if there’s an image connected to your Gmail at the top right corner of your homepage, click on it and when the drop-down options list appears, click on my channel. You can go with the personal option or use a business or other name option.
Once you have done that, input your name or brand name and click create. Then we are good to go!
✦ Set up your YouTube channel: Now, you have already created a YouTube channel but that’s just what it is, a random YouTube channel till you personalize it and give it an identity.
Building your channel’s identity is actually quite easy. You have already given the channel a name, all that’s left is your channel icon I.e logo, and other artworks such as your YouTube page banner, etc.
The next step is to set up your channel description. Your channel description is also a huge part of your channel’s identity because of its a welcoming and introductory speech to your viewers. Write a short, concise, and interesting description that will make viewers keep coming back to your page, and don’t forget to add a link to your social networks.
✦ Optimize your YouTube channel: SEO is a huge part you should work on if you have any business, blog, website, or channel on the internet. Optimizing your page makes it more likely to pop up on the first page when topics related to your niche are searching for on the internet.
There’s a huge learning field out there to learn more about optimizing your channel but for the benefit of this article, we will take a look at tips you can use in optimizing your channel.
✦ Add a channel trailer: It is no longer news that people prefer to watch short videos to learn what you are talking about than to read about it. We are now in a visual world and visuals are more eye-catching hence, you should add a channel trailer that’s more or less like your channel description to increase your channel views.
✦ Add relevant keywords: With every content that you release, you have a chance of reaching more viewers and the way to do so is to input relevant keywords into your video title, categorize your video and make use of tags with popular keywords that are relevant to the video.
✦ Plan and upload your content: Now that you understand how to go about optimizing your content, you should plan your content, shoot them, and upload them.
The world can’t wait to hear from you!!
✦ Verify your channel: This is not as complicated as it sounds. All you need to do is go to your account settings, click the verify button, choose your country, input your country code, and digit. You can receive the verification code either through call or text message depending on the option you choose.
Input the verification code and enter submit. Tada! Your account is verified.
How to make money through your YouTube channel.
Now that you understand the simple steps of starting a YouTube channel, let’s talk about the three popular methods of making money through your channel.
✦ Become a YouTube partner: You can make money if your YouTube channel is successful enough to become a partner. If you are a partner, you would be entitled to receiving ad revenue based on your video views. However, you do not have to become a partner to make money on YouTube, your views and AdSense accounts generate money for you but being a partner gives you the opportunity to make money from different sources I.e YouTube premiere subscription fees, the ad generated revenues, etc.
To become a YouTube partner, you need to make your channel overly successful with thousands of viewers and subscribers. You can achieve this by optimizing your channel as we have discussed above.
✦ Promote products with your channel: To do this, your channel must also be successful to a particular extent. No one is going to pay a channel that doesn’t generate a minimum of a thousand views to promote a product.
Your channel might not be successful enough to become a YouTube partner yet however, if you optimize your content regularly and get a substantial amount of viewers, you can get paid to promote products. All you have to do is look for brands that are willing to hire you to help promote their brand. The additional good news is that you negotiate directly with the brand and hence, you won’t be paying YouTube any percentage.
✦ Sell your own products,  merchandise, and services: Are you a personal brand, photographer, etc? A YouTube channel is another way to promote your brand, business, and make more money. YouTube is a huge platform hence If you can optimize your content very well. You will draw in just the right set of customers to your videos.


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