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How to speed up your Android phone 2021

Having a slow Android phone can be frustrating at times especially when they are being used for essential tasks that require urgency.

Android phone’s sluggish work rate can be caused by various reasons such as continuous updates of operating systems and applications. They become heavier due to the addition of other resources to the previous ones making old smartphones struggle to accommodate them.

In addition, Android phones may underperform due to many apps running in the background, watching over the system, refreshing and updating. This reduces the speed of the phone since all the background processes depend on the limited RAM which is divided among all the background tasks.

Speeding up a slow android phone is possible but it’s important to determine the root cause of the underlying problem. This prevents interference with other system functions that may act more of a problem than a remedy to the sluggishness. You can determine if the slow performance of a phone arises from software by turning your phone to safe mode. This will prevent apps from unknown sources from running.

When experiencing slow performance on an Android phone, a few things can be done to overcome the problem.

★ Sufficient memory (RAM) 

In order to avoid frequent app crash, lagging performance and closing of other running apps in the background when opening others, a phone should have enough RAM to cater for all applications.

Having sufficient memory will prevent elimination of less used apps that are running in the background by the Android OS.

To create RAM space apps that are not in use should be closed. In addition the memory module inside the motherboard can also be replaced.

★ Sufficient storage (ROM)

Android phones usually make use of the available storage space to run smoothly.

Adequate internal storage space will prevent the phone from consuming its RAM or external storage (SD Card) which usually leads to a slow speed as the phone tries to switch between the primary and secondary storages to cater for insufficient space.

To prevent sluggishness  at least 600MB should be available on a phone, uninstallation of apps that are no longer in use, clearing of cached data and  backing up of documents, pictures or videos to a computer or a cloud storage. 

Phones with less storage space can also be enhanced with an external storage card to ensure sufficient space and to avoid sluggish performance.

★ Long-lasting phone batteries

Sometimes a phone might go off abruptly when it’s being used without any notification. This usually happens when a battery has a short life span after being used for a long time without replacement.

This contributes largely to a slow performance since the battery cannot provide sufficient power to support the phone’s functionality. 

A short battery life span can arise after excessively using your phone to play games for a long period of time.

This can be prevented by buying and replacing the old battery with a new one.

★ Factory resetting 

At times a phone becomes slow after a firmware update especially when the update is poorly optimized. This leads to frustrating experiences such as crushing of some apps, factory resetting could be a remedy but before performing the operation, one is advised to back up all the necessary data to avoid losing them.

★ Uninstalling or disabling pre-installed Apps

After buying a new phone, you will find already installed apps that consume the phone’s RAM hence slowing it down. However, uninstalling these apps may not be as easier as the rest of the apps you have installed.

Uninstalling might the best solution compared to disabling which only prevents the apps from consuming the phone’s RAM but they will still be occupying the phone’s internal storage.

The only way to remove these apps would be through rooting your Android phone and once the phone is rooted uninstalling can be done by simply going to the app settings and click uninstall. Disabling can be done on the app setting user interface by clicking the disable option.

★ Using the latest Android Versions

Sluggish phone performance can be as a result of using an Android operating system that is outdated. 

Since app developers update the apps in support of the latest Android versions, those using the latest apps on old Android version will basically experience problems using them since they are not compatible.  This gradually slows down the phone’s performance.

To solve this you are advised to root your Android phone then install custom ROMs.

★ Proper rooting of Android phone

You may have to root your phone for one or various reasons but at times it comes with extremely worse experiences. It’s advisable to read the guideline provided carefully before rooting your phone.

Though rooting is not advisable as it goes against some manufacturer’s policy as it may lead to cancellation of phone’s warranty, its use must be undertaken carefully.

Rooting can make your phone useless or making it more slow than before especially when it was done without following the necessary procedures.

★ Updating Apps 

At times a phone performance might be slow because of incompatibility with previous installed apps. Updating these apps usually fix bugs that were available in the previous version. This makes them perform better and at an appropriate speed reliving the phone from slow performance.

★ Reducing the number of widgets

They are generally used for easier access on an Android phone. Having many widgets on a phone home screen will slow down its performance.

Reducing the number of widgets will allow the phone to operate smoothly.

★ Minimize syncing 

Although syncing is important as it keeps keep an up to date of your data with google servers, allowing notifications when a mail arrives and available updates for apps. To achieve all this it refreshes frequently and will prevent other background activities from running smoothly hence a slower performance. It’s advisable to disable syncing especially in slowly operating phones.

★ Conclusion 

Following the above solutions appropriately will enable you make your Android phone operate faster and smoothly while using it.


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