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How to Speed Up Any Computer in 2021

 Friends, in this article today, I am going to tell you about how to speed up your Windows computer. The tricks I use myself to clean and fast my Windows computer, I am going to share the same things with you guys only. I have many such friends and there are many such people who are in my touch, they have the same problem that their computer is very slow whenever they open or close any application. One thing you people do not understand is that it cannot be the reason that your computer is old or its hardware is outdated. There are many people who change their computer or change some of the hardware in their CPU to make their computer faster. But after some time, his new computer also starts giving the same problem. So today we will discuss the same thing in this article how you can make your computer fast. 

It is very important for you guys to first understand why your computer is slowing down. There can be many reasons due to slowing down of the computer, It is for you guys to see what is causing your computer to slow down. 

Some regions that cause your computer showdown. First of all, I am going to share all those things with you. Whenever we buy our computer new, then after that we install a lot of applications on it. Sometimes it happens that your computer’s storage is very less or your computer’s RAM is very less, such as your If the computer’s RAM is only 2GB, then the application you are installing in it requires 4GB of RAM, due to which your computer starts slowing down. That is, if your hardware is very small, then you cannot install too many applications in it or you cannot install big games.

Because everyday applications are getting updated and whenever a new application update comes, the hardware updating it should also be new. It is always the case that the hardware is the same but after two or 4 years, the application will change that hardware Stops supporting because the coding of that application on the wall makes it so that if it works with high speed then it also needs a good computer to work with high speed but you need it with the same hardware Are you trying to run in which came 2 years ago.

If you want to make your computer fast, the first thing you have to do is to open CMD on your computer. Popup will open in front of you, where you have to type “Temp”. After typing this, many folders will open in front of you, you have to delete all those folders permanently. These are the temporary files created by applications placed on your computer. After doing this you have to open CMD again and type this word there “%Temp% . Here too you will see a lot of folders, you also have to delete all those folders permanently. Whenever you run an application on your computer, it synchronizes some of its temporary files or can say that what it cache files that are stored here, it is very important to clean them. 

Now I am going to tell you a method with the help of which you can clean any of your computers, for this you do not need to work hard, you can clean your computer with OneClick. You have to go to google, you have to type it there “Ccleaner”. You have to install this application on your computer, just like you install other applications on your computer. There are many features of this application that you can open later that you will find out but let me tell you one thing There is an application that makes your computer clean and fast in a very good way. 

There is a lot of space in your computer where your temperature files are stored, like if you are running Google Chrome, then also YouTube’s temporary files start getting the store in your browser, but this software With the help of these you can delete all those files. 

Whenever you play any song in your VLC player, its history also stored in your computer, due to all these reasons, your computer starts because many times the history file is saved.

But CCleaner is a software that I have been using for a long time and I find it to be the best software because with the help of this you can do a lot of cleaning and cleaning that you don’t even know about. When your computer is running, then even if you install some of your files in your computer, then there are so many reasons that neither you can know nor I can tell you but Ccleaner software With the help of you you can remove all those hidden reasons and make your computer fast. I also want to tell you one more thing that you do not install any application on your computer that you do not want to use the application. Sometimes it happens that we install many games and applications on our computer and many of Us do not even open those applications for months and see if there is an application in your computer that you have not been using for a long time, then you can Uninstall it. Now you saw on your computer which applications you have installed and which applications you are not using, you should uninstall the application that you have not used in the last month.

So always keep one thing in mind that do not keep any such application in your computer which you are not using because applications use a lot of your computer and end to time you can clean your computer Keep cleans with the help of these, If you are new on my website, please click on the subscribe button because in the coming article I am going to bring you a lot of good content.


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