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How to Rank Youtube Videos 2021

In this article, I am going to tell you such methods, after using them, I guarantee that if your content is good, then you can easily make any kind of your video by staying on the first page of YouTube. On the Internet, you will find many methods that will help you in bringing your YouTube videos, but today the method I am going to share with you, I have experienced that method myself and have used that method for a long time.

Friends, I am not going to share any such method with you, like other people share with you that you can make your title good or tag it well. One thing all of you must keep in mind that if your content is good and your video is strong then no one can stop your content from going viral But many times it happens that our videos are very good and our content is also very good, but that does not come on that and the videos do not go to the people to whom the video should be known.

I have a lot of questions to tell us something about SEO so that we can improve our videos and we can get a lot of views. In this article, I am going to tell you two such methods that you will not find on the whole internet and anywhere.

First of all, you have to go to your Google Chrome browser, where you have to install the Tube Buddy Extension and after installing, you have to log in with your Gmail ID to that extension which email ID is inside your YouTube channel. This tube buddy extension does a lot of work, but with the help of it, you have to search your YouTube title, I will tell you how to take help of it, whenever you upload any of your videos to YouTube, you would know What is the title of this video. Whenever you put any video on youtube, you have to open this extension and put any keyword in this extension and click on the explore button. This extension will tell you the right keyword that if you keep this keyword to YouTube video then your video will grow.

Let me also tell you how this extension works. Whatever category of video you are about to put on your YouTube channel, this extension will tell which keyword people search on YouTube and which one you are That he should keep for his youtube video. Whenever you put any video on YouTube, what title you want to keep in it, you have to search the title only with the help of tube buddy extensions.

The second and very secret method which I am going to tell you, with the help of which you can do any of your video rank, the name of that software is TUBE RANK JEET.

You will find very easily on the internet, otherwise you can also purchase it, it helps you for your video SEO, on the internet you will find many such software which for the YouTube video SEO I have used all the software, but after using all the software, the software that I am going to tell you is the same software.

Now I tell you how to use this software when you open this software, then you will see an option called Tag Finder in front of you, after clicking on it, you will have to type one keyword. According to the your keyboard, this software will put your best tags in front of you for the last five or 10 videos which have been on that topic on YouTube. You can copy those tags and paste your video in its tags section.

On this software, I will bring a complete article on how to use it and with the help of it you can rank your videos, but in this article I am giving you an overview of this software.

This is a very special thing about this software, I am going to tell you that this software will catch the URL of your video and will tell you the score, how much score you need to rank to the video on YouTube

And it will also tell you which steps to follow to increase your score such as which title you have to use or which description you have to use or which tags to use. You can increase your score and after being in the know that the video will be ranked on YouTube. Which I have told you two ways, with the help of these two methods, you can make rank any of your videos on YouTube, but your content should be good. If you do not have power in YouTube videos then you can do it in any way, you will not be able to rank your YouTube videos. First of all, the content of your YouTube video should be the best so that whenever a guy watches your video, he is just watching it, then only you SEO your video like this. If you are working hard on YouTube, you cannot make your videos viral just by working hard. You have to optimize your videos so that your videos are accessible to the people who actually want to watch your videos.

I have seen many such YouTube channels in which they have made very good videos but their video views are not coming because they have not optimized their videos very well neither they have done well on YouTube videos Thumbnail is uploaded, and neither title or tax are entered. If you want to rank your YouTube video, then your content should be good first, then only you use these two methods. I guarantee that if your video is good and you use my two methods well then no one can stop your video from going viral. In the upcoming article, I am going to explain you very much about YouTube SEO so please subscribe to my website


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