How to Open a Winrar File – RAR file Kaise open kare

In this article today, we will learn how to extract RAR files with the help of WinRAR software. I will tell you the whole process and you have to follow all my steps, then you can open any of your RAR files very easily. First of all, let me tell you what is a winner file. Many times it happens that you have a lot of files or a folder which we can neither send directly to anyone through email nor can we send it to anyone through WhatsApp or SMS. In such a situation, we compress all the folders or all those files with the help of WinRAR software and convert them into a RAR file. One reason for creating an RAR file is that it reduces the size of that folder and you can send it to anyone easily. If any of your friends have sent you the RAR file, then you need to have WinRAR software on your computer to open that file. You can easily open an extract RAR file with the help of that software. In this article today, we will learn how you can install the WinRAR software on your computer and how you can open the file very easily and if you have converted any of your folders into RAR files So how can you do that.

1. First go to

2. type “winrar software for windows” and hit enter

3. In this search, the first link you see is to click on it and open this website.

4. A button appears in front of you, you have to click on it

5. click on that Download button

6. winrar software is downloaded in your computer, you have to start the installation by clicking on this EXE file.

7. Installation has started, you have to click on the install button.

8. Click on “Ok”

9. Click on “Done”

10. WinRAR software has been installed in your computer, now we will open your rar file.

11. Now we will extract your RAR file, for this you have to right click on this file with the help of your mouse and as shown in the photo you have to choose this option


12. We have successfully extracted your file, now you can see all the files that were earlier in this folder.






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