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How to Install Python in Windows 8.1/10

Python is the coding language. Just like there are other languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, python also a kind of coding language with the help of which you can develop software and you can do many things through automation. There are many software’s that are built-in Python language, to run them on your computer, you need to have Python installed in your computer. So in today’s article, we will learn how you can install Python on your computer or laptop.

Note: The latest python version is not compatible for window 7

  1. Go to Google and type ‘Python Download’ or just click here

2. Click on first link ‘Download Python’

3. Click the ‘Download Python’ button

4. Python will be downloaded to your computer, click on it now

5. The software will open in front of you, you have to click above the customized installation

6. You have to tick everyone in the given option

7. Here too you have to tick all the options and click install button

8. Python will start installing


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