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How to Increase Instagram Followers 2021

Instagram commonly abbreviated as IG is a popular social media and networking application. It is owned by Facebook and was established in the year 2010. It was designed mainly for sharing captures and videos. IG has a large fan base with approximately 200million followers in a month and about 1billion daily likes from followers. Though it started small, currently it has largely grown to have a lot of traffic, and a lot of content is usually generated daily. The application has also established itself in the marketing and branding industry. Through captures, gifs, videos, hashtags, and stories a lot of branding is done in IG. Instagram has been ranked as the best branding and networking application even surpassing Facebook. Thus, there is a need to utilize the application for maximum audience reach to have a bigger influence, whether it is in sharing social events happenings, ideas, branding, and selling of products. There are different steps to be followed to increase the number of followers in IG but it must be understood that generating great content, quality content posted at an ideal time has a major impact on gaining followers. Some of the ways of increasing IG followers include:

1. IG Bio Optimization

One should state who they are, what they are, and what they provide precisely in their bio. They should avoid being too wordy and sounding needy but still capture a follower’s attention to browse and check their contents. The bio should not be too long and should be authentic and original. The bio should end with one providing links to their websites if they have any. They embed the links and popular hashtags at the end of their Bio. The tags listed should be related to one content and products.

2. Generate Quality Content 

o attract followers one should be able to generate quality content. They should use captures and descriptive stories to describe them. Good quality images, videos, and gifs should be used. The content should also be original and not copied, authenticity creates a long-lasting impression on followers and attract new subscribers. The IG holder should also be used to content planning and writing of the content in advance. Writing the content in advance is beneficial in instances of promotions, using producer’s adverts, and popular hashtags one can easily embed their related content to a wider audience.

3.Use of Other Popular Accounts

IG users should follow popular accounts sharing related content as theirs. They should turn on notifications to be notified of their post, engage with them as this raises their status, views, and interactions with potential followers. They should strive for such accounts to share their post by always posting quality and original post which they may like. They should not be pestering them to share their content but through engaging with them and their originality and quality contents and ideas the popular accounts may end sharing them.

4. Avoid a fake Following

IG account holders should not entertain fake followers and bots. They should not pay people to follow them rather develop a following naturally by their content. A huge fake following cannot be relied on as in the end IG will wipe out such followers and bots. Paid followers also will have little or no interest in the person’s contents, they will not maintain a conversion or reposting hence no need of having such followers.

5. IG Account Promotion

One should use all avenues in promoting their account. They should post their links to their IG accounts on Facebook, twitters, their websites, and even mainstream media to redirect people to them. They can also post such links in their stores, in branding events, and sessions. They can also brand and sell T-shirts having their account links.

6.Use of Hashtags

Hashtags can increase one’s following tremendously. The IG user should use industrial driven hashtags to their benefits. They should engage in popular hashtags, communicate and share their content using such hashtags. Popular hashtags reach many people and are a source of potential followers.

7. Consistent and regular posting of contents

IG users should be updating their accounts regularly. They should have a calendar and have a timing system on when to post content. It has been proven that regular posting of content works to improve such account ratings and increase followers. This is true with industries and marketing strategists who regularly post content to capture attention and increase their audience. Regular updating of IG makes the account lively and avoid boring followers. The content posting also raises interactions with their current followers who may end up sharing them and inviting other friends.

8. Maintain a Great Conversion

One should interact with their followers based on their content. They should answer questions and appreciate comments arising from their posts. This motivates followers and attracts more followers to share the post consequently attracting a large audience and subscribers.

9. Style

IG user should develop their unique style of sharing content. People are usually stuck on the familiar but to reach more audience one should strive to develop a unique style and method. Though it may take time to pick eventually, it will lead to a great following, originality, and uniqueness in style will finally attract more subscribers who will like and share the contents with friends.

10. Tags and Tagging

One should avoid being tagged in unnecessary events or events deemed to be of low status. The reason is that they have to maintain the quality of their content. They should change their account setting not to allow automatic tagging but permission should be sought first before being tagged.

In incidences where they were tagged inappropriately, they should dis-tag themselves.

In conclusion, consistent in sharing quality content is key in increasing one’s Instagram following. IG users should maintain a calendar for regular sharing of the content. This makes their walls lively and attractive and encourages engagements with followers, conversation develops and a bond is created which attracts more followers and audience.


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