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How to Hide WhatsApp Chat

You may know WhatsApp is one of the leading social media applications on the internet nowadays. With an active user base of 1.5 billion. It is an American-based massaging app with a daily massage transaction of 65 billion.

Yes! Your message is also a part of this huge number.

Social media has changed the way we approach people. It’s far better, easier, and different from that of the past.

Earlier if you want to approach anybody, the only way was to call him/her on his/her caller number. And most probably you may not connect properly or the call may be attended by his/her mother or father, which I think is not a favorable situation. I guess you know what I mean.

Privacy was also a factor in the early days because earlier there was only one telephone in the house, and anybody can pick the phone, and that’s not something you want.

Privacy is still a factor nowadays because if you have no lock on your social media applications, anybody can get access to them.

If you want to get rid of it. We have written an article over “How to put a lock on WhatsApp without any third-party application

So! Social media has made it easier to approach anybody quickly, silently, and specifically. You can text them at any time, being anywhere, and they will receive it whenever they are online. It provides a one-to-one chat facility, without anybody knowing it.

But still, sometimes we suffer regarding these chats. Because you may have putted a lock on your social media, but many times your parents ask you for the password, and most probably you cannot refuse to give it. And sometimes your younger brother or sister asks for it, and now you are trapped. Because there may be some delicate chats, you have with someone, and you don’t want your parents and younger ones to see them.

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In this situation, the only thing you can do is hide WhatsApp chat you don’t want to have.

So today in this article, I will guide you through some simple steps that how you can hide WhatsApp chat.

  • So! For hiding your WhatsApp chat, first, you need to open your WhatsApp application.
  • One’s you open it, long press on the chat/contact you want to hide, it will be selected.How to Hide WhatsApp Chat
  • You will find some options at the top of the screen. Click on the archive icon marked in the picture.How to Hide WhatsApp Chat
  • Now you are done. You have successfully hide your chat on WhatsAppHow to Hide WhatsApp Chat

Note to remember

  • The hidden chats will be shown at the bottom of the chat list.How to Hide WhatsApp Chat
  • If you want to unhide the contact that you hide. just click on the “Archived” and select the contact you want to unhide.How to Hide WhatsApp Chat
  • Tap on the unarchive icon marked in the picture.How to Hide WhatsApp Chat
  • The chat will be back to its old place.How to Hide WhatsApp Chat

The hidden chats will again come to the normal panel if the person on the other hand massages you back. so be aware of this.

So this was the article showing you, how to hide WhatsApp chat in a few simple steps.

Hope you find this article helpful.

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