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How to Get Telegram API ID and HASH ID – Step to Create a Telegram API

Friends, in this article I am going to tell you how you can get Telegram API ID and HASG ID from your Telegram number. You can do a lot of things with the Telegram API. I will try to explain to you the Telegram API in very simple language, With the help of Telegram API, you can send bulk SMS and do many things like adding members to any Telegram group or channel. Telegram API ID and HASH ID is a kind of login token is access to any Telegram mobile number. There is a lot of software available in the market that sends telegram bulk SMS and does telegram member adding. Telegram mobile numbers are used to operate those software and together with Telegram API ID and HASH ID are used.

Now I will tell you to step by step how you can get the Telegram API ID & HASH ID of any of your Telegram mobile numbers.

Step 1. Sign up for Telegram using any application.

Step 2. Log in to your Telegram core with your number: https://my.telegram.org. and click ‘Next’. Here you have to enter your mobile number with country code.

After clicking the Next button, you will receive a code on the number entered and then you will have to enter this code.

and then click on ‘Sign In’

Step 3. Go to ‘API development tools’ and fill out the form.
Step 4.  you can type any random text in the first 3 places given here

and then click on ‘Create application’

Now you will get Telegram API ID and Hash ID, you can use it anywhere.

Enjoy 🙂
I want to tell you one more thing that I have been getting massages for a long time that it is the tuff method to extract the API ID of the telegram, you bring us a method that lets us easily extract the telegram’s API. This method you see in this article is the official method of Telegram, but today I want to tell you about another Telegram method too. I have prepared a telegram board with the help of which you can easily extract the API of any mobile number. If you want to read that article, click on this link. How to Extract Telegram API with Bot Or you can search for ArshMaanAPI word in the search bar on Telegram and after that my API bot will come in front of you, you have to simple click on it and when it will open on your mobile a lot then you will Click on the “Start” button. After clicking on the Start button, Telegram Bot will send you a message saying that you enter your mobile number here. You have to enter your mobile number here and you must keep in mind that when you are entering your mobile number, you also have to add your country code along with it. After entering the mobile number, you have to click on the Next button and Bot will send an OTP to your mobile number, you have to copy that OTP and paste it in the chat on the button next to the end Then give it in writing. After that, the API ID of your mobile number will come in front of you. You have to copy the API ID from there and put it in your software. Here you have to put it where you want to use it. I have created this as the fastest way to get an API ID.
Many people also ask me the question that if we are using your telegram API bOT what will happen if our data is not leaked then I want to tell you one thing that my work is only to make your work easy for you I am not leaking data of anyone. I also want to tell you about Bot, that this Bot only is made to do your work, it has nothing to do with any of your work, it is a kind of automation process that is done in a very short time. And works in the backend, this is called a bot. 
Bots are made just to make your work easier, if I tell you about Telegram Bot, then it is also very important to create an account of Telegram. You will get Bot to send messages, you will also get a lot of Bots. But there are some bots that using can be harmful to you because Telegram does not allow such Bots.  In the coming times, I will bring you a lot of software for you, which will help you a lot to boost your business on Telegram or on any other platform. I request you guys that if you are new on my website, then turn on the notification icon of this website so that whenever I update any kind of post on this website, it can reach you first. Because I have some such software and some such that you will not find anywhere else and which you will never have heard about, then I will provide you all the things through this website. Just I am not asking for any money from you, I am just asking that you love this website so that I can upload the content that I have good content on this website. Many people demand Telegram Member Adder software for to add members in Telegram, then I also want to tell you that in the coming article I will give you all that kind of software or all kinds of bots for free. I also have a channel on YouTube, so I will request you to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well, because there I show you all the practical things by how any software works. By commenting below this article, definitely let me know which method you liked to extract the API ID of this telegram was the best. Thankyou So much for everyone for your love and support



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