How to Delete UPI ID in Gpay & Paytm {2021}

in this article, I’m going to teach you “How to delete UPI ID”  from two of the most popular and famous applications (Google pay and Paytm). Before proceeding learn some of their basics which will help you a lot.

How to Delete Google Pay UPI ID

So, talking of Google Pay it is one of the most popular and trusted UPI applications for UPI money transfer and payments, and as well as you can pay your bills through this app. It is the official App of Google Company which they released to give their users a reliable and comforting experience.

You can link your bank account, and then you have to create a UPI PIN, and after that start transferring money to any bank account you want to. There are many other UPI applications also available on the play store like PhonePe, Paytm, BHIM so you can select any application you want and you can attach your Bank account and then create a UPI ID.

So, In case you don’t like Google pay service and you already created a UPI ID on Google pay so here comes a question in your mind how to delete UPI ID on Google Pay, or there could be more reasons such as you like other applications service and you want them to give it a try so you want to delete Google Pay (Gpay) UPI profile and remove all your linked banking details, UPI IDs, and all bank account related details.

So here, I will guide you step by step How to delete google pay upi id.

Follow these simple steps 😊 –

  • Open the Google pay application on your mobile and then click on your profileHow to Delete UPI ID
  • Now click on the “Settings” optionHow to Delete UPI ID
  • After that click on the “Close Account” option as shown in the figureHow to Delete UPI ID
  • Now simply click on the close optionHow to Delete UPI ID

And after that, your UPI ID on Google Pay will be deleted.
Before you read further, let me tell you one thing: your all linked (added) bank accounts will be removed from the application including your UPI IDs.

How to Delete Paytm UPI ID

So, today Paytm is one of the most used digital payments

Applications all over the world right now, and it has become popular because of the services they provide which are very comforting and reliable to their respective users. While there are many reasons for its rise in popularity, a big reason is that the apps support various payment methods which include UPI, which is a very great help to their users.

Paytm is similar to all other payment apps. The major difference is that Paytm transactions took few seconds to happen which is very appreciative. UPI allows users to send money from one bank account to another bank account. This process is very simple. As Paytm says, all one needs to do is link their Bank account with the Paytm application and create UPI and then start sending money to any Bank account or UPI ID which is linked with the person’s Bank account.

However, some users found problems using this method of Paytm, and then they want to delete their UPI ID on Paytm.

If you are one such user and you are facing problems and want to delete your UPI ID from Paytm, then follow these steps  —

  • Open Paytm Application on your mobile Now click on your profile
  • After that select “Default bank Account” optionHow to Delete UPI ID
  • Now click on the three-dot option and select  Disable “UPI optionHow to Delete UPI ID
  • Now click on OKHow to Delete UPI ID

After that, your Paytm UPI ID will be deleted from the Paytm application.

So, this article is all about how to delete UPI id. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you have any doubts about this, let us know in the comment box below.




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