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How to Create Telegram Channel in 2021

Telegram is a messaging app, with the help of which you can send a message to anyone, I do not want to tell you about what Telegram is on the Internet, I want to tell you what is in my heart and the telegram I have Telegram is a software in which you can send and receive data files up to 2GB and can also receive many telegrams. Nowadays, many users are connecting, you will get many features in Telegram which you will not find in WhatsApp or Facebook.

With the help of Telegram, you can send unlimited messages and unlimited data to anyone, WhatsApp only works for sending messages, but with the help of Telegram, you can send the entire movie to your business if you want. You can also grow on Telegram, in this, you will have to create Telegram Group or Telegram Channel, which I have mentioned in this article.

Benefits of Groups:-

1. Grow your Business via Groups

2. Share Links and Earn Good Money

3. Promote Youtube Videos

4. Affiliate Marketing

Friends, in this article today, I am going to tell you how you can create a Telegram channel in your Telegram account. You can earn good money very easily from the Telegram channel, so today we will know how you can create a Telegram channel with the help of your mobile. First of all, I want to tell you that Telegram Group and Telegram Channel are both different things. Many people get confused in both of these when you are visiting any group or channel, many times you do not even know. Whether it is a group or channel. 

First of all, let me tell you what is the difference between Group and Chennal, only members can be added to the group, that means if you visit any group, then you will be having 1xxx member shows there. Is a group. If you visit any channel, you will get subscribers there.

I am going to bring the next article about how the telegram group, but in this article, we will only know about the Telegram channel.

Friends, what I am writing in this article, I am writing with my heart and I have shared the personal experience with you, it is very important to have telegram channels because all of us Do business or study, it is very important for the business people also to have a telegram channel because those people get information from here, if you want to create your own Telegram channel then it is absolutely free and through this, you can get thousands or millions of people You can connect with yourself and you can send a message to all the people who need your business.

With the help of the Telegram channel, you can connect people with you who like the ideas of your business or people who have an interest in your business, very few of you will not even know that you are on the Telegram channel. You can also make a lot of money through this, in the next article in the information about how you can make money through the Telegram channel, but I want to tell you one thing that if you get a chance that you can get anyone If you can send the message to millions of people, then you can guess how much money you can make.

That’s why either you create a Telegram Group or you create a Telegram channel and connect more and more people with your group or channel so that you can reach your business or your deals to all those people. I want to tell people that you can add only real members in the Telegram channel, but in the Telegram group you can also get member adding, that is, you can pick members from any other target group and add them to your group. If you are thinking about channel member adding, then you can only add real members to it, that is, but In Telegram Group, you can pick any member of your choice and add it to your group, that’s why I prefer to make more people create Telegram Group because you can add up to two lakh people in it. there are many Telegram marketing software available in the market, with the help of which you can add members to your Telegram group.

Step 1. Open your telegram account on your mobile

Step 2. Click above the pen icon on the right bottom corner

Step 3. Click on “New Channel”

Step 4. Type in the name and description you want to keep for your Telegram channel

Step 5. Two options are visible in front of you. First of all public channel. This means that you will keep your channel public so that any person can search your channel and for this, you will have to create its unique username which is given below option You can make with. 

And the other option will be visible to you for a private channel, when you click on it, your unique invitation link will be created in front of you, with the help of which you can join others in your channel.

Step 6. When you next, you will have another page open in front of you, from here you can add some subscribers to your channel.

Step 7. Your Telegram channel has been done in full, you can send any message here and it will go to those people who have subscribed to your channel.

After the telegram channel is created, you can run it, that means if you post any of your messages in it, then it will go to all the people who have subscribed to your channel, you can post it yourself in the telegram channel. And no other person can post in it, if you want, you can see give authority that along with you, he can also post a text or a photo in your telegram channel.
If you are free, you can also run your channel yourself, or if you are busy in your business, then you can put more than one administrator in your group so that they can operate your group and upload the posts to it.
In a secret matter, I want to tell you more than what you people will not get anywhere else is that suppose your channel is built on any niche. If your telegram channel has the highest subscription bar, then your telegram channel will be at the top


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