How to Add Plugins to WordPress Website

In this article, we will talk about how you can add plugins to your WordPress website. WordPress website seems incomplete without plugins and you cannot operate your website completely without plugins. You can check everything on your website with plugins. In some upcoming articles, I will tell you about some such WordPress plugins using which you can optimize your website in a very good way.

If you want to do anything on your website, then plugins come for it, which you can install on your website and you can take advantage of any service absolutely free. Like I have told you the steps ahead, you have to follow those steps and you can learn very easily how you can add plugins to your WordPress website.

1. First of all you have to open your WordPress dashboard and there you will see an option ‘Plugins’, you have to click on it

2. Here you will see three options, in the first option you will see that the plugins are already installed in your website and by clicking on the second option, you can add new plugins to your website and with the help of third option you can You can edit the plugin which we never have to do.

3. You have to click on ‘Add New’ and some such page will open in front of you.

4. Here you will see a search bar, whatever plugin you want to install in your website, you have to type its name here.

5. I had to install the ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin in my website so I searched it and you can see this plugin has come in front of you.

6. First of all you have to install, for this you have to click on ‘Install Now’ button

7. Once installed, you will see the button of ‘Activate’, you have to click on it.

8. Plugin will appear in your WordPress dashboard and you can use it.

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