How to Hide Phone Number in Telegram 2021

Telegram is an application with the help of which you can send a message to anyone and these messages are encrypted end to end. In today’s article, we will learn that how you can hide your mobile number in your Telegram account.

we use our mobile number to create a Telegram account But sometimes it can happen that we do not want our mobile number to be shown to anyone else. So we will discuss how to hide your mobile number in your Telegram account.

  1. Open Telegram application on your mobileHide Phone Number in Telegram
  2. On the left corner, you will see three lines, you have to click on them.Hide Phone Number in Telegram
  3. Click on “Settings
  4. Open “Privacy and SecurityHide Phone Number in Telegram
  5. Here you will see the “Phone Number” option, you have to “Click” on it.Hide Phone Number in Telegram
  6. You will see this Option on “Everybody” but you have to change it to “NoBodyHide Phone Number in Telegram
  7. After Change it to “Nobody“, you have to click on the “Right” option given above and save itHide Phone Number in Telegram
  8. Now no one can see your mobile number in your account

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