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( SCRIPT) UNLIMITED Telegram Member Adder – How to add UNLIMITED Members in Telegram (Python + Notepad++)

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can add UNLIMITED members to your telegram groups, in this, Today we will do all this using Python and notepad++, on the internet you will get a lot of methods so that you can get unlimited members in your telegram. Today we will do all this using Python and ideas. I had made a video earlier on which you guys gave a lot of love but now some error has started coming in it, so I have brought the next method for you to add unlimited members in Telegram. Let me tell you one thing that this method works now but I do not guarantee that the next day this method will work or not.

Friends, you may have also heard that a lot of paid software is available to add members to Telegram Group. So today I am going to tell you about one such paid software using which you can add unlimited telegram members. You may have never heard of this software before. This software works in Python. There are many files in this software that do their own work. I have given the information about all the files, which file works.



What is in the Normal Version bundle?



1. __pycache__ – This is the internal file of the software, you do not have to open this file.
2. Sessions – Contains The Session Files Of The Logged In Numbers. So No Need To Login in Every Time You Run The Script.
3. Add.py – Member adding will start after clicking on this file.
4. Api.csv – Store All Your Api Id(s) and API Hash(s) At Once.
5. Config – Here You Can Set The groups From Where To Scrape Users And To Where To Add Users
6. Export.py – Scrapes User Data From Groups
7. Login.py – Once You Enter Your Numbers In Phone.csv Then You Can Run This Once To Login All Of Your Numbers In Script And Create Sessions Files At Once
8. Phone.csv – You Can Store All Your Telegram Phone Number(s) At Once
9. users.csv – The file contains the data of the exported members.



There is a software with the help of which you can pick up unlimited members from any group of telegram and add them to any group of your telegram. I want to tell you one thing about how this software runs, you need virtual mobile numbers to run it, you can add 50 members from a mobile number in 24 hours. If you have 20 mobile numbers, then you can transfer one thousand members, you can transfer as many mobile numbers as you can, you can just transfer it. This is a multi-login software and you can send unlimited mobile numbers and those mobiles With the help of the number, you can transfer unlimited members of the telegram. It has many features such as a ban filter, with the help of this you can easily remove the mobile numbers banned in your script, I want to tell you one more thing that many people ask me a question If we use this script, then our personal number will not be a problem, then I want to tell you that your group will never have any problem.
It can run very easily on any computer and it is a Python-based script. Python should be pre-installed on your computer or your laptop only then you can use this script easily. A lot of people also ask me the question whether this software also works in channels, then I want to tell you that no software is made for the channels if any person tells you that the software is giving Is that if he adds to the channels, he is a fraud. Because we can only add real members to the group, we can not add any person to the channels. this is a complete course that I am going to give to you guys. In this, you will get two software and along with the video tutorials will teach you how to use this software. Both software has their own work and both software Only telegrams are used as member adding.
A lot of people also ask the question that how many APIs we can add to this software, I want to let you know that you can add APIs to it as you wish, either you can add one or two APIs. Or you can add API for every mobile number, if you add API for every mobile number, then it will be safer. If you add only one or two APIs, then the chances of your virtual mobile number getting banned are greatly increased. To extract API, I have already put an article first, ” How to Extract Api with Bot “you can read that article. With this help, you can extract the API of any mobile number in a very short time.

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