Free RDP Server – How to Get an Amazon AWS RDP for Free 2021

What is RDP and how is it used and how can you take RDP for free? If you want to know about all these things, then read this article completely. I am going to explain all the things to you in simple language. Its full name is Remote Desktop Protocol. RDP is a kind of computer which can either be in any other country or can be in another city, you have to pay money to buy it and You can also run RDP in laptop or computer. Your own computer or laptop has RDP client. When you open RDP client too, you will ask for username and password. Here you have to enter the details that you got while buying RDP. After entering the username and password, you can run the computer kept far away on your computer or laptop very easily.

Now let me tell you why it is bought, there are a lot of reasons behind buying it. The first reason is that some people have a good laptop and computer but do not have a good processor, so they buy RDP because it costs less money Can work with good RAM and a good processor. And the biggest feature is that the internet is very fast in RDP, some people buy it for this so that their privacy can remain secure, if they use their personal laptop or computer, then anyone can track them. If he is running any computer that is kept away from his computer, then his privacy can be fully secure.

RDP has its own price and features. You can buy the RDP according to your budget and you can run RDP very easily on any of your laptops or computers. Probably you will not know about this but Amazon is giving you RDP absolutely free of cost through this article that we will know how you can get amazon AWS RDP and that too for free. We will not buy RDP in an illegal way, we will create RDP in a real and genuine way. you have to follow all my steps and you can create amazon AWS RDP for absolutely free, if you have any kind of confusion then you can comment below this article or you can contact me.

1. Go to Google and type in “Amazon AWS” or you can click on this link

2. You have to click on the “Create an Account Button”

3. Here you have to type your Real Email address and your real name and click on “Continue” button.

4. Here you have to click above the “Personal” and below you have to give your complete details, your name and address. One thing to be noted is that you have to type your real name & address here.

5. Here you have to enter the details of your credit card and Enter your real name and click on “No” the option of PAN number given below and one thing I want to tell you is that if you do not have a credit card You can read this article (How to create a credit card for free) of mine and make a credit card for free. (NOTE: If your name and your address is written anywhere in this Amazon AWS RDP, then you have to send the same details which you entered while creating the credit card.)

6.OTP will be sent to your mobile number, which mobile number you entered while creating the credit card, and that OTP is to be entered here

7. Here you have to enter your mobile number, remember that you have to enter the same mobile number, which was entered while making your credit card.

8. OTP will be received on the entered mobile number, you have to enter that OTP here

9. Click the “Continue” button

10. Click above “Free” button

11. You have to change these options as shown in the screenshot.

12. RDP has been created, you have to wait for 1 or 2 hours for activation

13. You have to go to Google again and enter Amazon AWS RDP there, now you can login your account with your details.

14. Here you have to type your password which you created while creating an account.

15. You have to click on the “Launch a virtual machine” button

16. As shown in the screenshot, you have to click this button above.

17. Click on “Review and launch”

18. Click on “Launch”

19. You have to select the “Create a New key pair” and you have to type any name below and click above the “Downloaded Key Pair”, a file will be downloaded in your computer, later you have to click on the “Launch instances”

20. Click on “View Instances”

21. The dashboard will open in front of you

22. You have to slide the slider and copy the “Public IVP4” address as it will be useful for you to login RDP to your computer or laptop later.

23. It is very important to give any name to your RDP before proceeding.

24. You have to click on the “Action” button and later click on “Security” and “Get Windows Password” above.

25. Here you have to click “Browse” button, when you click, you have to pick up the same file from your computer which you downloaded and kept in your computer, and later you clicked above the button of “Decrypted password”

26. You will get the username and password of the RDP created by you and you have to copy it.

27. To login to RDP on your computer or mobile you need three things. First of all, Public IVP4, which I have given Point 22, and user name and password are required which I have mentioned on number 26.

Enjoy 🙂



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