How to Enable YouTube Incognito Mode in Mobile

Do you want to watch YouTube videos privately? In this article, I am going to teach you how you can turn on the private mode in your mobile’s YouTube, With the help of this, you can search and watch anything on YouTube and your history will not be created.

You will be aware that if you watch any video on YouTube according to your interest, then YouTube keeps showing you the recommended videos of the same topic.

But sometimes it can happen that your brother or your sister takes your mobile to search for some videos on your mobile’s YouTube. But you do not want YouTube to recommend those videos that your brother or your sister has seen on your mobile’s YouTube. So for this, you can use YouTube incognito mode, when you want to give your mobile to your brother or sister, then you can enable YouTube incognito mode.

  • Open YouTube application on your mobileYouTube Incognito Mode
  • Click on the profile picture shown on the right top corner.YouTube Incognito Mode
  • To enable YouTube incognito mode, you have to click on “Turn on Incognito”YouTube Incognito Mode

Now you can watch anything on YouTube privately and your history will not be created and YouTube will not suggest you any video because YouTube does not know who you are or what video you are watching.

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