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How to Download WhatsApp Status for FREE

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging software with the help of which you can message your friends or relatives. The conversion of WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, ie it is absolutely secure and no one can leak it.

WhatsApp has a very nice feature that you can update your status. You can share any updates of your daily routine in WhatsApp status and this status is available up to 24 hours. Many people share their daily routine work in their WhatsApp status or share what they are eating or if they are traveling somewhere, share their pictures or videos.

Many times it happens that a friend of ours has updated a very good status on WhatsApp as if he has updated a clip of a movie or song and we like it very much. We want that the status that our friend has updated, we will also update the same status in our WhatsApp. So for this, we want that the status that our friend has updated, we can download WhatsApp Status so that we can also update the same status on our WhatsApp.

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In this article, I am going to teach you how to download your friend’s WhatsApp status for free. To download WhatsApp status, you do not need to message your friend nor does he have to send his status to us. If you like the WhatsApp status of anyone in your contact, then you can easily download WhatsApp status. so read this article and you can easily download the WhatsApp status of anyone and you can update the same status in your WhatsApp.

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Smartphone and type “MI File Manager” in search.download whatsapp status
  2. Install and open “Mi file Manager
  3. Click on this icon abovedownload whatsapp status
  4. Internal and external data of your mobile will come in front of you, from here you have to scroll down and open the folder of WhatsApp.
  5. Tap on “Mediadownload whatsapp status
  6. You will see 3 dots above, click on itdownload whatsapp status
  7. Click on Show Hidden Files. By clicking on it, the folders that are hidden in the WhatsApp folder will start to show.download whatsapp status
  8. You can see a lot of folders have started appearing in front of you. You have to click on the Statuses folderdownload whatsapp status
  9. Here you will see videos and photos. This is the videos and photos you have seen in WhatsApp status of others
  10. Open your WhatsApp and start watching at the WhatsApp status you want to download.
  11. Now go to MI file manager again and open WhatsApp>Media>Statuses
  12. The status that we have just seen on WhatsApp will be automatically downloaded and will come here

You can download WhatsApp Status of anyone with this simple method, you only have to see the full WhatsApp status that you want to download and it will automatically download and come into MI file manager.

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