How to Delete WhatsApp Group Permanently

How to Delete WhatsApp Group – So basically WhatsApp Application is an American cross-platform which is owned by ‘facebook’. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and you can do a video call, you can share important files, documents, photos, and other content across countries which is very reliable, to be honest.

We use WhatsApp for different reasons like someone use it for their business and someone uses it to talk to their loved ones.

As we know that pandemic hit us so all the education is going online and WhatsApp is doing a major role in this time. School, College, institution, all organizations are connected with groups in WhatsApp which is very comforting and reliable.

But, sometimes things don’t go well as we want them to go, many times WhatsApp spammers or our friends add us to useless groups. So, here comes a question in your mind how to delete the WhatsApp group, and then you ask the admin of the group to kick us out which is very frustrating, sometimes.

Before telling you how to delete the WhatsApp group first you should know why you should get rid of these groups.

Why you should delete the WhatsApp group?

So here are some obvious reasons like first when our friend creates a group all the member of the group is certainly amazed and excited but after few months or few weeks, all members go silent the motive of the group is no longer lived and the group is filled with good morning and useless messages so to avoid cache and storage we should delete these types of group.

as a member, you may not find a WhatsApp group useful anymore. Even sometimes, people add you to their group without permission in which you’re not interested at all.

and sometimes in a groups member uses vulgar language which not tolerable and you want to leave the group

So don’t worry about this article I am going to show you “How to delete WhatsApp group “.

So if you open this article for “How to delete a WhatsApp group” So sorry for wasting your time on the above crap I was just informing you. Ok so let get straight to the point

Few steps you have to follow to delete a WhatsApp group 😊 –

  • Open WhatsApp Application in your Mobile
  • Now tap on the group you want to deleteHow to Delete WhatsApp Group
  • Now tap on the three-dot icon as shown in figureHow to Delete WhatsApp Group
  • After that, a dialogue box will appear, and then click on the “More” optionHow to Delete WhatsApp Group
  • Now tap on the “Exit group” option and then you will be no longer a member of that groupHow to Delete WhatsApp Group
  • After that go back to the home page and long-press the group you have left and tap on the “delete” optionHow to Delete WhatsApp Group

After that, your useless group will be deleted

So in this article, I teach you “How to delete WhatsApp group”. I hope you find this article helpful.

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