How to Auto Delete Join Message in Telegram Group 2021

When anyone joins the Telegram group, its notification appears in that group, If you want any person to join that group or leave that group, then its notification should not appear there, then you should read this article because in this article I will tell you about such a telegram bot, with the help of which you can auto-delete join messages in telegram group.

Let me also tell you why it is important to delete this message because whenever any question joins your group, that notification is visible to all the members of the group in that group and they are disturbed, so that’s why Should be used so that any kind of joining message is not visible there.

1. Open your Telegram Group, the group whose join messages you want to auto delete.

2. Click on the group’s profile picture

3. Top right you will see a Pen icon, click on it

4. Click on Administrators’

5. Click on ‘Add Admin’

6. Top right corner you will see a ‘Search’, Click on it

7. Type @deljoinbot here and Click on the first bot you see in the search below.

8. Top right corner you will see a ‘Right Icon’, click on it

Now this Telegram Bot has been added to your group. Whenever someone joins your group or leaves your group, this telegram bot will automatically delete that message.

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